Monday, June 29, 2009

Kleinerts's® Keeps Summer Fashions and Fashionistas From Wilting Under the Heat

Discreet Undergarments, Shields and Casual Wear Give the Average Joe and Jane the Same Sweat-Proof Protection That Celebrities Enjoy

A Day at the Barbeque, A Night at the Prom or a Walk Down Red Carpet -- Kleinert's® Makes Summer a No Sweat Sure Bet

It's the celebrities' and fashionistas' closely guarded summer secret-how to look cool on the outside when the temperature hits triple digits. For years Kleinert's® -- the premier source of sweat-proof products for everyday use since 1869 - has been keeping the elite looking breezy and carefree.

Kleinert's® has long been catering to the entertainment industry, lining its costumes and fitting actors and actresses with dress shields that help them to appear confident and glamorous. Today, although the technology has advanced, the best secrets of Hollywood are still keeping starlets and handsome heartthrobs seemingly cool under the heated movie lights on camera and the summer sun off camera.

"Over the decades, Kleinert's® has used its experience in the industry and the technology of the day to provide those who rely on appearances the most with the best perspiration shields on the market," said Michael Brier, Chief Executive Officer, Kleinert's®. "With the summer season upon us, we're excited to affordably share our industry secrets with those who love their summer fashions and activities, but despise the frequent dry-cleaning that keep fun styles looking fresh."

Whether it's a casual lunch at the beach with friends or a midsummer's night cocktail party in humid weather, Kleinert's® products such as disposable underarm shields and clothing accessories treated with Fabrapel® --a sweat and stain resistant treatment that eliminates heat and odors even with cotton-- keep sweat from wetting through expensive summer looks. Everyday fashionistas no longer have to sweat the small stuff and can enjoy the summer feeling as cool as the fashions they wear.

Kleinert's® products are removable/disposable or are sewn into garments providing a dependable but breathable barrier of protection between perspiration and expensive summer fashions that can ruin them. Aside from disposable shields which can be conveniently and discreetly adhered to any fabric including silk, Kleinert's® provides creative ways to securely wear shields without hassle. For women, a variety of valara tops with built-in washable shields are worn over the bodice and secured around the torso working well with v-neck tops and youthful dresses. For a more discreet look, Kleinert's® Ready Shields with snaps and links work with adjustable straps that easily slip around the front and back of any bra strap.

For a quick transition from hot days to mild nights, women can throw a light sweater onto a breezy Fabrapel®-treated camisole or where the camisole as a short top with some belly-bearing jeans. Simple Kleinert's® women's t-shirts and tops are also flattering and fashionable with scoop neck and v-neck styles coming in a variety of colors with or without sewn-in shields.

For men, Kleinert's® provides disposable underarm shields and a variety of undershirt garments with built-in and washable shields that can be worn subtlety under any dress shirt or polo. Kleinert's® is also growing its line of polo and casual shirts that come in a variety of designs. Select styles are easy to care for with wrinkle-resistant material and enlarged underarm shields that prevent wet-through, stains and odor all day long.

Kleinert's® cool Starter Kits for men and women -with several products --are available to explore which solution works best for the individual.

Providing another level of comfort, Kleinert's® also developed Dry Soles® shoe inserts, eliminating squishy feet in the summer sun when gladiator sandals, flip-flops and the latest in open-toe apparel come out in full force. Dry Soles® use a non-woven fabric that absorbs moisture and channels it away from feet where it dissipates quickly so there's no fashion faux pas of slipping out of the latest summer shoes.

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About Kleinert's®
Now Located in Elba, Alabama, Kleinert's® was founded by Isaak B. Kleinert in 1869. Since its inception, Kleinert's® was a creative force developing many products still in common use today including the shower cap, the shower curtain, the garment shield and the baby pant. Today, Kleinert's® is an international brand built on products that are known for its quality. The company continues to be innovative in developing and improving on designs and concepts that are beneficial in multiple environments. Select Kleinert's® sweat-proof and sweat-resistant products can also found in departments stories, lingerie boutiques and pharmacies, but the full line is available at and athletic wear is available at

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