Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea - The Gift of Boxing

This Fathers Day, consider giving the gift of Boxing with a FREE workout from LA Boxing ( They work long hours to put food on the table and send the kids to college. They make time for their loved ones, mow the lawn, and still have time for a game of catch. Being a dad can be stressful, and what better way to relieve stress than to hit some heavy bags. This Fathers Day, LA Boxing is giving fathers everywhere the opportunity to do just that.

The nation’s largest boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts gym and training facility offers a unique way to spend some quality time in the boxing ring for a “knock out” present. Offering free classes for fathers, LA boxing is looking to give your father a complete workout experience, which focuses on strengthening and toning while building endurance and functional fitness. It gives fathers a way to stay engaged in their daily exercise, and allows them to measure their progress along the way. This session will make up for the hours spent hanging around on the couch and watching sports. Watch your Father break a sweat while getting a knockout workout burning 800-1000 calories an hour!

With many locations nationwide, The LA Boxing™ is:

* The only fitness program to mirror an actual boxing match, incorporating our trademarked five, three-minute rounds with one-minute active breaks.

* Burn 800-1000 calories per hour, making LA Boxing a popular workout option for anyone who wants to quickly and effectively get in shape.

* One of the only gyms with trainers that are world class fighters who have gone through rigorous training to know the best way to challenge the body to its ultimate shape.

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