Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson: Soundtrack of a generation

Mr. Pink Lemonades' cousin is a former reporter for the Press Democrat newspaper in Santa Rosa, CA. As a fan of the late Michael Jackson, she was moved to write another piece for her former newspaper - a very touching tribute to Michael and how he touched her life.

You can read it at:

VOICES: Michael Jackson: Soundtrack of a generation

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LeBizyB said...

Michael Jackson is the one person I had always wanted to sit down with over a pot of coffee and just talk to him. I admired his talent so very very much. I wasn't a "fan" in the sense that people are fans, but someonw who was so happy for him during his music career. It will always sadden me that I never had the chance to meet him. No pictures, no autographs, just meet him, chat, take a walk...tell him that I was proud of him, as a person for what he achieved. Tell him I'm sorry for any ugliness in his life. I've missed his performing and recording for years, I miss him today and I'll miss him tomorrow. My heart goes out to his family.