Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up Available Everywhere

If you think you know Paolo Nutini, think again. His two million selling 2006 debut album, These Streets, established the young Scotsman as a leading light amongst the new wave of singer-songwriters. Paolo's extraordinary follow up, Sunny Side Up, casts him in a whole other light.

"Musically where I'm at, I don’t really have a genre or style that I feel a part of," explains Paolo. "It's a bit of a random mish mash. I honestly wanted it all to come out, and not harness it, not manipulate it. I just wanted it to be organic, and so immediate it's in your face and you can't help but take it all in."

The first single from the 22-year-old's new release is "Candy" - a heart tugging ballad written after an argument with his girlfriend, when it suddenly occurred to him that the fault lay with him. Watch the cinematic video here, and be sure to pick up a copy of Sunny Side Up is available everywhere

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I you stop by my blog you'll se how much I love me some Paolo!
"Candy" is a beatuiful song!

"No Other Way!" is beyond wonderful.

You will a case of the warm fuzzies after listening to these songs!

Love him best when he stands up straight & is freshly shaven & a bit sober!
They party a little too hard in the any Live Gigs at night(after 5 pm).....everyone is snookered even the bands.

Although he gets so into the songs sometimes he just high on the music.

I love when he does TV shows or just sings live for small crowds/gigs/radio shows.
Those are my favorite.

His new Sunny Side Up is #1 in the UK!
Kudo's for Paolo!

Don't you just want to give that Boy a Big Hug & a Kiss or two?