Friday, June 26, 2009

Parents Connect (6/26/09)

How many times have you looked for something the family can do together, only to come up with nothing. Sometimes it's hard to find family activities without searching in several different places. Now, Yovia networks has a great new widget that you can install on your blog or social network page to help parents all over the US discover what fun events and activities are available near them.

Installing the widget is as easy as pie and once you do, you can fill out the form at and your name will be in the running to win a cool grand - yes, that's right you can win $1,000 just for installing a widget on your blog or social network page (facebook, myspace, ect).

How easy is that? Not only will you have this handy-dandy little widget available at your fingertips for searching out cool things for the "fam" to do, but you'll also have the possibility of winning $1,000 - and just think of all the fun you and your family could have with all of that cool cash!

I thought I would install it here in this post on Pink Lemonade just for fun (and so you can see how handy it is) - two seconds later, I'm looking at all of the fun available in my area. Try it out, see how it works, then install it on your blog or social network page and sit back to find out if you're the $1,000 winner!


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