Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Insurance--Party Plan B Now Available

Summer equals roof top parties, backyard BBQs and just about everything else under the sun involving cold beer and kegs. Nothing like a fab party with some drinks to take the night to a whole new level...that is until the keg goes dry and the wine and liquor runs out. Cue your run for the door.

However, this summer a dry keg and empty shots will no longer be your excuse when everyone has dashed. A new company is available to residents called ( and just like the Sex and the City episode points out, big city dwellers can now get anything delivered to their front doorstop around the clock. The good news for your readers though is that you don’t have to be living in NYC to get it!

PARTY BACK UP PLAN: No one likes to have to be the one to run out and replenish the liquor cabinet and beer fridge because 1) you will inevitably miss the coolest part of the night and 2) you will likely be drinking and driving, which we all no is a big no-no. So think of as your party insurance for the night—when the last beer has been drank all you have to do is log onto the quick and easy site and order a variety of beverages among other things without missing a beat at your party. Your fridge will be full within a half hour.

This new site is available across the country now and is the one-stop shop for your readers when it comes to liquor, but also groceries, late-night food, gifts and flowers, catering and household goods—pretty much any and everything essential for a party to be talked about the next day and a Facebook photo album named after.!

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