Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robin Williams, The Dalai Lama and The Prince of Wales all GOT FROG, Now You Can Too!

Check out this very cute PSA and then read on, below...


Following the launch of the public awareness campaign on 5th May 2009, The Prince's Rainforests Project (PRP) is today launching our personalized 'Make your own Message' application. Unique technology within the newly unveiled PRP website - - allows users to record their own message of support, as have the well-known people in the main campaign film, and appear in a clip with an animated frog, our symbol of the rainforests.

The Prince's Rainforests Project's campaign seeks to raise awareness of the connection between rainforest destruction and climate change, and believes that agreement on emergency action for rainforests is needed ahead of the climate change conference in Copenhagen in December. Allowing supporters to record their own message with the PRP's rainforest ambassador, the frog, is part of the ongoing strategy to engage people in this important issue and harness the power of the online and social networking communities to help spread the message and urge others to sign up in support.

Using the state-of-the-art application, supporters of the PRP can record their own 'Frog Message' using a web camera, or by uploading a photo of themselves from their hard drive, together with one of three different frogs who will appear in the shot with them. They can then choose to create their own personalized Campaign Video by adding their Frog Message to those of the PRP's well-known supporters, and any of their friends who have already recorded their own.

Once submitted, each user will receive a unique URL of their Frog Message and/or Campaign Video that they can share with their friends, as well as post onto their social networking pages and blogs. Frog Messages and Campaign Videos will be featured on the PRP website.

The 'Make your own Message' application (developed by Moonshine Media) will provide a new and exciting way for the growing number of followers, fans, and friends across the PRP website, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to engage and help put rainforests at the heart of the climate change agenda. The future of the rainforest is our future too.

Briony Mathieson, Head of Communications for The Prince's Rainforests Project says: "The launch of our new application, allowing our supporters to make their own message and become part of our campaign video is very exciting. This innovative technology makes our project truly interactive and, we hope, will help spread the message and support for the campaign as people share their videos and post them online. The power and reach of the online community is vast and is the perfect way to expand our activity."

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