Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See Jane Fly Makes Airport Navigation A Breeze

See Jane Fly ( just made airport navigation a little easier...

See Jane Fly has teamed up with Clear to offer exclusive pricing on a clear membership. Sign up for one year at $174 and save $25 off the annual membership fee of $199! Members can bring children 11 years old and younger with them through the Clear lanes for free. No more herding small children along as you inch through endless lines- and say goodbye once and for all to evil stares from fellow travelers.

With Clear, cardholders breeze through airport security-usually in five minutes or less-and are escorted by Clear concierge through the lane. All that time saved means you can sleep a little later, arrive a little later, or give clients a few extra minutes of your time before boarding that flight.

With Clear, you get to eliminate one of the biggest hassles of flying. Clear members have access to designated express airport security lines at over 20 major airports, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Atlanta, Denver, select terminals at JFK, LGA and Newark, with more airports signing up every day.

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