Friday, June 5, 2009

Serial Texter Dena Christofferson Accepts Offer From PREDICTO Mobile To Demonstrate Importance OF “Smart Texting”

Predicto Mobile Contributes $2000 To Dena’s Education Fund

NEW YORK (June 1, 2009) — Predicto Mobile™, the largest paid mobile community, made a recent offer to 13-year-old serial texter, Dena Christofferson, to contribute $2,000 to her education fund in exchange for an essay highlighting the importance of “safe texting”. Chistofferson sent and received over 20,000 text messages within the span of 30 days (approximately 700 texts a day). The serial texting teen and her family accepted Predicto’s offer in hopes that the young girl’s 1,000 word essay and experience will provide fellow teen text enthusiasts insight on various ways youth and their families can practice more responsible telecommunication practices.

Dena writes the following on the topic:

“Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Who does this girl think she is?” Well you know what? I've been there, I've been caught and I’ve seen how terrible my grades were when I was texting during school. So take some advice and don't text in school. Since my phone was smashed and I’ve been without it, I have learned a lot. My grades have gotten a lot better… When I do get my phone back, I will text smart. I won't text in school, and I will make sure I have unlimited texting on our plan before I text. Also, I will ask my parents if it's ok if I text!”

Click Here To Read Dena's Full Essay

It is important for teens to demonstrate responsibility and safety when texting frequently,” says Itai Kathein, president of Predicto Mobile™. “Dena realizes the consequences of her actions and we are happy to give her the opportunity to spread the word to others about her own experience and the positive lessons she gained from it.”

About Predicto

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