Monday, June 8, 2009

A Summer Camp For Plugged-In Kids

Do your kids spend countless hours on My Space and Face Book? Are you looking for a fun summer camp for your kids that provides new skills in the world of digital media and lays a foundation for their future? Well, this summer, Digital Media Academy (DMA) will teach teens and young adults how to channel that passion for social networking into future careers.

The world of digital media is one that continues to grow. DMA has available courses for both pre-teens and teens that lay the foundation in many areas. Teens become inspired to learn, by using their passion for the Internet and for sports and music and film, and creating their own animation, graphics, websites and learning how to use the most current technology and programs.

Digital Media Adventures caters to ages 7-12, with day and residential camps in robotics, game design, web design, filmmaking and cartoon and comic creation, taught by professionals and teachers with a passion and talent for inspiring young minds.

Teen courses for ages 13-18 are offered at beginning to advanced levels with an optional residential pre-college experience. Additionally, not to be left out parents can take this opportunity to spend more time with their child, because DMA offers professional level courses in film, web design, digital photography, filmmaking, animation, music production and more. Teens who attend DMA can explore possible career paths, prepare for college and gain practical work skills all while enjoying an incredible summer camp with other creative teens.

The Stanford-accredited consolidated (4-5 day) courses can be taken individually or combined for multi-week certifications at prestigious college and university campuses including University of Chicago, Stanford University (San Francisco), UCLA (Los Angeles), Harvard University (Boston), George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), Brown University (Providence, RI), and the University of Texas at Austin, to name a few. Go to for more information, and to enter to win FREE courses and discounts! Make this year’s summer camp more than just a memory – let it help your child’s future.

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