Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Reading Stimulus Plan: BookSwim, Netflix for books, offers deal on Summer reading

The economy has everyone down, but don’t let it affect your summer reading material!

In the sun, the shade, on a plane, or during a staycation, BookSwim, the Netflix for books, has put together a one month free Summer Reading Stimulus Plan that will allow everyone to read more this year.

In the chance you’re working on any summer stories, thought this might work as an item whether it focuses on savings (why buy new bestsellers/textbooks when there are far cheaper alternatives), or a fun Summer-specific item for literary hounds, beach-goers and families—depending on the issue you’re working on.

“Swimmers” can enter the code “SUMMER09” at checkout for one month free as part of a three month summer subscription to BookSwim. Full details:

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