Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Having A Party

Welcome to our Blog Party! Today is the very first day of two fun-filled weeks of prizes and fun.

For a complete description on how to join our party, check out our Blog Party Page! - There's even a Mr. Linky so you can go party-hopping and visit all of your fellow party-goers!

Beginning today, we will be holding a Scavenger Hunt. It's going to be so much fun, all you have to do is answer the three to four questions posted each day and email the answers. The four (4) contestants with the most correct answers at the end of our blog party will win a fantastic prize! For complete information on how to play in our scavenger hunt, check out our Scavenger Hunt Page.

We will also be having a Twitter Party! Clear your schedule for Monday, June 15th from 6-7pm, pacific time (9-10 eastern time) and join our Twitter party - There will be prizes to be won so don't miss it! For complete information on our Twitter Party, check out the Twitter Party section on our Blog Party Page.

Speaking of PRIZES... we have so many our heads are spinning - just under 75!!! now that's a lot of prizes!

And the reason for all of this celebrating???

Our brand, spanking-new look... of course! We've been functioning as a magazine for a while now so we needed a new look. Who do you call when your blog needs a complete overhaul and you're looking for a miracle?? Judith Shakes Design, of course! Armed with only my rough "vision" for Pink Lemonade that I had blocked out on printshop, Courtney took those rough sketches and made them into this reality and I LOVE IT!! I sure hope you do too!

There are lots of other things we're celebrating with our re-lauch... We've GONE SOCIAL. That's right, we now have our very own official social network and we want all of our readers to join (it's free, of course) - just click the "Be Social" button on the top menu or you can click here to pop over and sign up. Leave a message, form your own group, start a discussion - be social for goodness sakes. Becoming a member of our social network will automatically give you a bonus entry into all of our contests (except the scavenger hunt) so you've got nothing to lose and everything to win! While you're personalizing your "My Spot", leave a blog post on your very own crisp new blog - I'll be scouring your blog posts and if you've written a piece that we think might interest the rest of our readers, we'll feature it on our front page!

Now that all of the explanations are over - LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!

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