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Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Venus Week

By Dr. Rebecca Booth

Most women notice that monthly, as if by magic, they have a group of days in which they look better, feel better, and respond better to the world around them. Their hair is glossier, their skin glows, and the men in their lives (or at the local Starbucks counter) suddenly seem very appealing. The men respond with equal enthusiasm and interest; they seem to know that these women are appealing, often very attractive and receptive to men’s attention. This phenomenon is not an accident or a fluke. It is very real and occurs regularly, according to a woman’s hormonal cycle, specifically during the week that precedes ovulation. This cache of days, which happens around the same time each month, is what I call the Venus Week.

What is The Venus Week?

The Venus Week is the 5-7 days in our cycle when everything is aligned to make women look and feel their best – their hair shines, their skin glows and they feel more attractive, focused and receptive to others. It is the window each month when estrogen (the feel-good hormone) and testosterone (the hormone of desire) are peaking to facilitate fertility. When a woman is most likely to conceive, she looks and feels her best.

During the Venus Week a woman will feel more attractive, get along better with her partner, children, and coworkers, and experience a more positive, optimistic outlook on life in general. She will also experience a peak in energy, sexual interest, and sharpness of mind, feel less bloated and fewer cravings, as well as better skin hydration, elasticity and fewer blemishes–giving her a “glow.”

How To Find Your Venus Week

If you are of reproductive age, are not pregnant, and are wondering if you have a Venus Week, consider the following questions. Keep in mind that if you are on hormonal birth control of any kind, your Venus will be somewhat muted. These questions will still be pertinent, but may be more challenging to decipher.
  • Are you having regular periods?

  • Do you notice that monthly you have a set of days during which you feel less distracted, your clothes seem to fit better, you feel fewer cravings than usual, and are even less hungry?

  • Do you notice a difference in your sensual thoughts, fantasies, or dreams as they relate to your menstrual cycle?

  • Do you notice changes in your mood in the two weeks before you start your period?

  • Do you notice a change in physical symptoms after the middle of your cycle, such as breast tenderness and water retention?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions – you are probably experiencing your Venus Week! A great way to be sure is to journal your cycle, keeping track of your thoughts, feelings and cravings. The Venus Week is the 5-7 days after menstruation and leading up to ovulation. In a typical 28-day cycle, with day one as the start of menstruation, days 7-14 are the Venus Week.

Once a woman has recognized the Venus Week, there are diet and lifestyle modifications she can make to extend its benefits during the rest of the month. There is much evidence that how we care for our bodies affects our ovulatory health, increases the power of our Venus.

Simple lifestyle changes include:
  • Eat well by minimizing “white” food or sugary, highly processed foods. The insulin highs and lows of “white” processed foods have a direct impact on ovulatory health and can suppress your Venus Week.

  • Indulge in high-quality dark chocolate. The flavenoids in dark chocolate have estrogen-like activity and an uncanny effect on increasing sensitivity to insulin, and boosting carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Increase your consumption of plant proteins, such as those found in soy food products, chickpeas, nuts and legumes. These plant proteins are rich in phytoestrogens that can mimic the chemistry of the Venus Week.

  • Take nutritional supplements including a multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D, and increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids (found in fish or flax seed oil supplements). Adding Omega 3s to your vitamin regimen will not just improve circulatory health, but can enhance skin, hair and may enhance libido.

  • Exercise – at least 22 minutes of cardio a day (150 minutes a week) and core or strength work twice a week. There is no quicker or healthier way to get the metabolism and mood benefits that come so naturally during the Venus Week than to jump start it with exercise.

  • Pamper yourself during the lows of your cycle with a soothing bath, massage or just some relaxing downtime. Appreciate the beauty of your body and think if it as a monthly time of renewal as your cycle begins again.

  • Utilize new technologies available to protect you during your period. The Always brand has a new pad called Always Infinity with excellent absorbency that adds to a sense of confidence and security.

All women can benefit from the beauty of the Venus and harness its physical and emotional benefits. The Venus Week is Mother Nature’s gift to women and, properly understood, offers the power to improve every aspect of their lives.

Author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Any Age (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2008), Rebecca Booth, M.D. is a senior partner at one of the largest private practices in the southeast region and has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for twenty years. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and two children. Visit for more information.

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