Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Ready For College Without Breaking The Bank (7/24/09)

Teens all over the country are preparing for an important right of passage into adulthood.... they're going off to college.

College is expensive - we won't even go into the cost of tuition because we all know that the cost is going up exponentially all the time. But once the tuition is paid, you still have to live once you're there. There are so many ways to save money while you're away from home:

Join a club or sport to get your exercise in without paying a gym membership.

Don't do your laundry on campus - if you or a friend have a car, take a little jaunt into a residential neighborhood, you'll usually find that the cost of doing laundry is much less than on campus.

Pickup shampoo, toothpaste, etc. at the local dollar store.

Keep in touch with family and friends via skype or facebook instead of expensive cellphone charges.

Take a craft class (like pottery or watercolor painting) on campus to craft your own Christmas and Birthday gifts for family.

Join a study group instead of spending $$ for a tutor.

Don't pay for cable TV - watch your favorite shows online and at your convenience for free.

Looking for ways to eat cheap?.. Ramen Noodles

Try shopping in consignment stores for good quality clothes and dorm room accessories.

Don't really want to search through piles of someone else's castoffs? Why not try the Sears Reload-able Gift Cards. These gift cards can be purchased in-store by either you or your student at your local Sears or Kmart stores. Mom and Dad can re-load them online so you've always got some funds for the essentials you'll surely need for your first time away from home.

Need more tips to become "Campus Ready"? Be sure to check out the check out the Facebook application (CampusReady on Facebook) that Sears has created to help assist you and your student prepare for the big move.

This great application has features like a dorm-room designer to help you see just how all your stuff is going to fit into that super-tiny room. There's a roommate matcher that will help you see if you're compatible with your potential dorm-mate and a gift list maker (sort of like registering for college needs) so friends and family across the country can be sure to get you gifts that you can really use.

For those of you who are helping your children make the transition to college, visit Sears CampusReady ( to find everything they need for their new dorm room in one place.


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dbhuckab said...

Great tips. I would like to add one more that saved me a lot in college. As you may know textbooks are a killer in college, depending on your major it could be as much as 1/2 your tuition! I stopped going to the campus bookstore after my first semester and solely ordered the books online thereafter and I could not tell you how much I saved. Your best bet is to find a book price comparison site (I used to search for textbooks) and get the list of books you need as soon as possible and order them!