Wednesday, July 1, 2009

he 4th is quickly approaching, and as you work to plan out the perfect holiday BBQ, here are some tips from LIVESTRONG.COM to make your holiday BBQ a healthy one.

Everyone has their favorite summer BBQ items, but unfortunately, many traditional summer foods are high in both calories and fat. The team at LIVESTRONG.COM has compiled some healthy (and tasty!) alternatives to help keep you on track throughout the summer season.

Below are some ideas for healthy alternatives to traditional BBQ fare, as well as an example of one of our original recipes for “Susy’s Everything Marinade,” a healthy alterative to fattening BBQ sauce, and grilled shrimp over arugula, corn and tomato salad.

Healthy 4th of July BBQ

Leaner Meats

Did you know...
A 3 ounce serving of beef short ribs is 251 calories and has 15.4 grams of fat?
Just one ounce of pork ribs per ounce is 103 calories and has 8.4 grams of fat?
A single hot dog ranges between 170 -280 calories and has between 12 to 17 grams of fat?

Healthy Alternative: Grilled Shrimp over Arugula, Corn and Tomato
147.2 Calories 5.8g Fat 0.9g Saturated Fat

Choose Your Marinades Carefully

Did you know...
Just two tablespoons of traditional BBQ sauce is 50 calories?

Healthy Alternative: Susy’s Everything Marinade

Watch Your Side Dishes

Did you know...
A half cup serving of potato salad ranges between 150-210 calories, and eight to 12 grams of fat?
A half cup serving of macaroni salad ranges between 260-360 calories and 15-25 grams of fat?
A half cup serving of coleslaw ranges between 150-190 calories with up to 18 grams of fat?
A half cup serving of baked beans ranges between 160-231 calories?

Barbecue Your Vegetables

While it may seem odd, you can cook vegetables on your grill along with your meat, which makes barbecues healthier. Cut the vegetables into chunks that will cook evenly. Soak them in water for about half-hour and then lightly coat with oil. Choose from the many different flavored oils available to have some fun with different flavors. Some people wrap vegetables in aluminum foil to keep juices close to the vegetables or put vegetables on a kabob. Kabobs are fun to eat, easy to cook and the juices from the vegetables cook together to create an interesting flavor. Look up recipes so you know how long to barbecue specific vegetables.

Healthy Alternative: Portobello Burgers

301 Calories 9g Fat 2g Saturated Fat


Grilled shrimp over arugula, corn and tomato salad

6 Servings


16 oz shrimp, cooked
3 cups arugula
8 slices, thick/large (1/2" thick), red ripe tomatoes
1 cup fresh sweet corn
2 tbsp olive oil
2 wedges of lemon, juiced
Susy's Everything Marinade


- Let shrimp marinate in Susy's Everything Marinade for one hour in fridge.

- Grill; then let cool a bit and remove from shell.

- Serve over a bed of arugula, heirloom tomato, and grilled corn.

- Drizzle with Olive Oil and Fresh Lemon juice; salt and pepper to taste.

Susy’s Everything Marinade

This works for fish, chicken and steak


1 cup orange juice
2 lemons juiced
3 limes juiced
1/3 cup olive oil
1 clove garlic chopped (add more or less by preference)
1 yellow onion, cut into thick slices
Salt and pepper to taste


- Place marinade into Ziploc-style plastic bag

- Add meat, let sit in fridge for 30 minutes to two hours (chicken can be marinated over night).

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