Friday, July 24, 2009

Help Diabetes Awareness With John Ratzenberger and the WRI

The Will Rogers Institute, is a non-profit organization that has been around since 1936, honoring the memory of Will Rogers by promoting and engaging in medical research while educating the general public on topics of health and fitness. We all recognize the Will Rogers messages from movie theaters, but now WRI is taking their message to the web! Through a very unique campaign, WRI is offering the exclusive opportunity to share some important Diabetes tips and information with the readers of Pink Lemonade of Life.

For this very special campaign, Will Rogers Institute is teaming with John Ratzenberger, best-known for playing mail carrier, Cliff Clavin on Cheers. John has spent the last 14 years of his life promoting health literacy and informing as many people as possible about the warning signs of diabetes. Ratzenherger’s son has Type 1 Diabetes, and understands the importance of catching warning signs early. He also stresses the importance of taking notice of warning signs early no matter what your age, as Type 2, or adult-onset occurs later in life!

To hear from Ratzenberger about his mission to educate as many people as he can about Diabetes, please watch and share with your readers this very special announcement:

WRI is also offering our readers the opportunity to receive your very own free pamphlet with important Diabetes information, titled: “What You Need to Know.” To order, simply visit: And while you’re at the website, definitely check out more about the ways in which you can get involved and support WRI. It is through the help and aid of the general public that keeps programs like this going! For more information, check out

The perfect combination of fitness and knowledge will play key roles in staying healthy all throughout life no matter what obstacles you face! Please help the Will Rogers Institute in their mission, by encouraging others to learn more.

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