Friday, July 24, 2009

Hydrate Your Hostess with Ayala's Herbal Water

Looking for the ideal gift basket companion for the perfect hostess? Ayala’s Herbal Water, intelligently-chic herbal infused water, has a unique bouquet of flavors with aromatic scents certain to tantalize the senses. The line offers an array of tastes sure to spruce up any party favor.
  • Must-have drink mixer for “skinny” cocktails sure to impress party goers

  • The culinary herbs accompany any dish in a flavorful harmony

  • Flavor your ice-cubes with bursts of delight without the calories

  • Brighten up your party favors with an enchanting color scheme of flavors
Show your creativity without breaking the bank (retails for $1.50). For more information, visit Herbal Water (

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