Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make the Most of Your Back-to-School Budget

Upromise by Sallie Mae Teaches Consumers How to Boost College Savings with Back-to-School Shopping

Upromise, Sallie Mae’s saving for college program, is providing parents and college students lessons on how to earn and save money for higher education this back-to-school season.

On consumers can save money on school supplies, clothing and college dorm essentials when shopping online at more than 650 of their favorite retailers and earn money back for higher education. The site features online deals and coupons, tips and tools to help save and plan for college including advice from America’s Family Financial Expert Ellie Kay. By shopping Upromise partners, downloading the Upromise TurboSaver or using the Upromise credit card, members can increase their college savings far beyond the nearly $500 million earned to date.

Upromise was founded with the mission of helping to make college affordable. Members have put away nearly half a billion dollars for college simply by shopping any of the more than 650 Upromise participating companies,” said David Rochon, president of Upromise. “Most families need supplies and other items such as backpacks, shoes or clothing to start off the new school year. Millions of smart consumers earn college contributions whenever they make everyday purchases and watch the savings add up.”

In addition to providing 1 to 25 percent back on eligible purchases, Upromise offers the following resources this back-to-school season:
  • Shop –Upromise credit card holders can save money on all purchases and on average earn seven times more than members who don't. Also, by downloading TurboSaver, members will be reminded of college savings opportunities when shopping online.

  • Learn –Upromise has partnered with America’s Family Financial Expert Ellie Kay. As a mother of seven children, three of whom are currently attending college loan-free, Ellie provides tips on ways to save for and reduce college costs. A host of college planning resources, such as a college savings and budgeting tool and information on investment options, can also be found on the site.

  • Share – Families and students facing the challenge of saving and paying for college can connect with like-minded members by joining Upromise’s Community, finding Upromise on Facebook and following Upromise on Twitter.

  • Win – Beginning July 26, 10 new or current members will Win $10k in the Uprmise College Dream Sweepstakes. By downloading the helpful TurboSaver tool, families will automatically be entered into the contest.
For additional information on using this back-to-school season to jumpstart a college savings strategy, visit

Liz Here: We've been using Upromise for many years now - although our account isn't exactly overflowing, by simply doing the things we do everyday (like using our registered credit & debit cards and shopping at the grocery store with our registered customer loyalty card) we've built up several hundred dollars in a completely painless way. If you've got kiddos, you definitely need to join this free program College Dream Sweepstakes

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