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The New Liparita | Napa's Newest Cabs Breathe Life into a Historic Past


Liparita Announces the Release of two 2006 Appellation Specific Cabernet Sauvignons

Steeped in award winning history that dates back to 1900, Liparita is a Ghost Winery that has, for over a century, garnered an international following.

The history of Liparita began in 1880 when William S. Keyes, a wine connoisseur and geologist, studied the area that is known today as California’s Napa Valley. His research led him to land that bared startling similarities to the terroir of the Lipari Islands; a volcanic archipelago off the coast of Sicily known for producing incredible wine.

After acquiring the land in 1881, W.S. Keyes planted his vineyard. Less than two decades later, the winery, then called Liparita La Jota, was awarded a gold medal for its Claret at the 1900 Paris Exposition. Just four years later, the infamous Claret was honored with a second gold medal at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition.

Over a century later, in 2006, Spencer Hoopes acquired Liparita. Spencer dedicated himself to creating wine in the same spirit and with the careful attention to detail that embodied the award-winning wines produced by Liparita during its thriving past. Spencer, along with the new Liparita team, scoured Napa Valley in search of the highest quality fruit that most purely represented Napa Valley and embraced the unique characteristics of the appellation in which the grapes were found. The search for the perfect fruit resulted in two appellation specific Cabernet Sauvignons; the first from the Stags Leap District and the second from the Oakville Appellation.

The 2006 Liparita Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon was produced from fruit that originated from a small planting just off the Silverado Trail in the Stags Leap District. This superb Cabernet Sauvignon arouses the nose with aromas of bing cherry, raspberry and pomegranate. The subtle spice of white pepper compliments hints of plum and dark chocolate on the palette. Firm acidity accentuates the fine tannins exhibited by the 2006 vintage, allowing the flavors to continue into a long finish.

Produced from another outstanding crop of Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2006 Liparita Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon truly exhibits its terroir. While displaying ripe aromas of black current and plum, the integrated tannins foster a long finish and dense layers of flavor on the palate. The rich essence of black cherry, chocolate and coffee are balanced with hints of allspice, cumin and tobacco; making this 2006 Oakville Cabernet a cellarable treat.

Our dedication to crafting Cabernet Sauvignons in the same spirit of the Liparita that existed over a century ago has resulted in two truly astonishing wines…unprecedented successes that we are extremely proud to offer.” Spencer Hoopes, Proprietor of Liparita.

About Liparita

Since the first vines were planted in the late 1800’s, Liparita has been dedicated to bottling the pure expression of the terroirs of California’s Napa Valley. Today, Liparita’s small production gives us the ability to carefully craft each wine and accentuate the unique characteristics of the distinct appellations in which the fruit originates. As a result of our commitment to creating extraordinary wine, Liparita’s wines today are worthy of the gold medals they received over a century ago.

Taste the history. Taste the terroir. Taste Liparita.

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