Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Just Another Card: Unique, Cheap & Keepsake Chic For Any Occasion!

Like most holidays, it’s “protocol” to get Mom, Dad or the Birthday Celebrant a card along with their gift. However, with over 7 billion greeting cards ending up in the trash every year, don’t make this just another occasion to buy a card that turns into tomorrow’s garbage…

Instead, customize a gift and card, all-in-one with Snapily, a photo-technology company, that turns your photos into moving prints or as they brand it, a “Living Print”. By using lenticular printing, the folks at Snapily are the ONLY online photo shop that can create 3D animation that literally allows you to bring your photos to motion (flip-book style) on cards, notebooks, mouse pads, wallet-sized photos, among other products - -perfect for Dad and any occasion.

Starting at just $3 per card, Snapily offers a variety of alternative products that are unique, cheap and keepsake chic for all occasions

Whether Father’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations Or Time For Back To School…

  • “Blow dad a kiss” from a far

  • Create the first family scrapbook. Upload photos of your precious newborn and the family “first” photo

  • Wave “hi” to grandparents all the way across the country

  • Morph an old photo of your child to a photo of them at graduation

  • All newlyweds treasure keepsake items from their wedding day – so why not give ‘em something that will create a blockbuster “motion” picture that will definitely still be around on their 25th Anniversary! Get creative… hunt down those “vintage photos” of the newlyweds when they first started dating and then snap some shots at the wedding – whether it’s their “first kiss” at the altar, to the first dance, or even that priceless and risqué shot of the groom grabbin’ for her garter!

  • Give your children braggin’ rights so it’ll be cool to be back in school. Let them design their own personalized notebooks (large or small) that will allow them to morph and mix their favorite action hero, Star Trek character or Hannah Montana images!

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