Friday, July 31, 2009

Packing Right by Traveling Light!

Whether traveling for work or that highly anticipated summer vacation, it’s all too easy to over-pack because “you never know what you’ll end up needing!” But with most airlines charging passengers up to $50 to check a bag, it’s essential to pack as effectively as possible. Good packing tactics can save you money, give you flexibility while traveling and add security to your belongings. Below are some tips and tricks to pack the perfect bag with all the items you need without the excess.

  • Never Check a Bag – Skip the TSA counter and consider packing a carry-on instead. You’ll save time at flight check-in and won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel. With no worries about lost luggage, you can get on and off your flight quickly and will save the hassle of checked baggage fees.

  • Make a List – Create a “needs” list of the items you cannot live without for a few days. This will help you pack more efficiently and the less “stuff” you pack, the less you have to carry and cram into overhead compartments.

  • Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – Shoes are one of the most over-packed items – especially for women! Pick one or two pairs that are versatile, comfortable and stylish. Instead of bringing five pairs of shoes for a short trip, pack shoes like the Fedora or the Cadey from La Canadienne to take you from daytime meetings to a fun night on the town. You’ll save tons of room in your bag and won’t have to lug a heavy suitcase through the airport.

  • Buy it There – Unless you’re traveling to the far ends of the Earth, you can likely buy toiletries at your destination or take advantage of hotel amenities. Save space in your bag by ditching the inexpensive items at home and purchase them when you arrive. If they don’t fit the three ounce liquid requirement, give them to someone at the hotel or city where you stayed.

  • Tuck, Roll, Tissue – A well-known room-saving tactic among the well-traveled is the “tuck & roll” approach, since bags hold more when clothes are rolled rather than folded. But what people may not know is that if you roll your clothes in tissue paper, the clothes will also stay less wrinkled!

  • The Perfect Bag – While it may be difficult to decide between a bag with wheels or a shoulder bag, do what you feel is most comfortable and will be easiest when navigating through busy airports. Whichever you choose, be sure the bag does not exceed the generalized dimensions, 22” X 14” X 9” for a total of 45,” which often vary by airline and shape of the bag.

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