Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Running" Errands.. The Convenient Way

The gear I’m about to clue you in on kept my camera safe biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. It held the contents of my purse as I literally ran to brunch with friends and off to my errands. It even held my gym lock to and from quick lunchtime workouts. And never once did it slip, or inconvenience my workout.

With three sizes and two styles, Armpocket ( ), developer of eco-friendly, hands-free carrying systems, introduces complete on-the-go storage! Unique to the market with a no-sweat or smell Bamboo band, Armpocket top features include:

- Reflective piping
- Waterproof/Sweat-proof
- 10-30 cubic inches of storage (depending on style)
- Music cord control for perfect length and no loose cords

And, for the twenty-first century crowd looking to jam out or still take a call while getting their workout on, no need to remove your device from your arm, as the touch-screen protective plastic allows you to control your device with the slide of a finger.

And just in case you thought they were small don't fit everything you need - think again! Look at all the stuff this little pocket can hold!

Keep yourself and your valuables safe - pick up an Armpocket today!

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