Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summertime Is Made In The Shade

You're going to the beach or maybe to a park where there isn't much shade. Of course, you're planning to spend quite a while there so having some sort of cover would be nice - but who wants to tote all of the equipment?

Two moms have invented a new product that makes outdoor adventures more manageable.
The Shade wagon is an innovative carriage, umbrella, storage, outdoor station - all in one! It features a sturdy wagon (can carry 800 pounds), all terrain tires (think sand!), heavy duty umbrella, MP3/Ipod Speakers, holders for beach bags/garbage bags/totes, straps for carrying chairs, and a fold-down feature that turns the wagon into seats.

In less than five minutes (with only ONE trip from the car), you can have a fantastic setup like this! Here's a short video about how it works:

The Shade wagon is great for trips to the beach, sporting events, parades, water parks, camping/fishing and more.

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