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Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a classic Sanskrit treatise consisting of 195 “threads,” or aphorisms, describing the process of liberation through yoga. Although little is known about Patanjali (most scholars estimate that he lived in India circa 200–300 b.c.), his writings have long been recognized as a vital contribution to the philosophy and practice of yoga. This new, expert translation of the original Sanskrit text of Patanjali’s best-known work presents his seminal ideas and methods in accessible, plain-language English.

Patanjali organized the sutra into four parts: Samadhi (absorption), Sadhana (practice), Vibhuti (supernatural powers), and Kaivalya (liberation). Each represents a step in breaking free of our limited definition of consciousness and training the mind to achieve oneness with the universe. Geshe Michael Roach, one of the most respected teachers of Tibetan Buddhism in America and a renowned scholar of Sanskrit, provides authoritative commentary on each of the sutras. His notes and clarification are straightforward and highly readable, untainted by obscure, academic terminology or New Age jargon. The first edition of the Yoga Sutra to present a Buddhist perspective, this paperback original will be welcomed by students and spiritual seekers alike.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Lama Christie McNally, is the co-author of The Essential Yoga Sutra: Ancient Wisdom for Your Yoga.

Quick facts:

0 She has spent 6 years of her life in silent meditation retreat.

0 She does at least 1.5 hours of physical yoga asana after her morning meditation.

0 She is changing the face of Buddhism by bringing women Lamas to the forefront (for example, recently she was the first woman to teach Buddhism publicly in Mangolia in 700 years).

The following is an excerpt from The Essential Yoga Sutra: Ancient Wisdom for Your Yoga:

I had never really thought about rebirth before, but as the
evidence of my past lives quickly started piling up in front of me, I
became a bit more interested. Who was I really? Was I just a girl from
California, or was I also some great Tibetan yogi meditator Lama?
this is not the first time for any of us-we have all been here
before and we’re all more than we seem. We have been traveling this
path together now for many lives. Things happened very quickly for
me after I met these teachings, for they say all it takes is a trigger, just
a tiny drop of water, and then all the seeds in your mind open like a
flower and you are transported to the place on your path where you
left off in your previous life. This is certainly what happened to me,
and I am hoping this book can be such a trigger for you.
In any case, just a few short years later, and I found myself
entering into one of the most rigorous practices you can do—what
they call a , where you take yourself to an isolated place
and meditate there for 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days. No talking, no
seeing anyone else, no outside communication of any kind—just a
lone explorer in the deepest oceans of the mind.
(If this sounds romantic to you, like something you’d like to try, I
would advise starting with a week. Being alone with your own mind can
be...challenging, at times.)

There were six of us, and we made our way out to a remote corner
in the Arizona desert—a place where no human had ever lived, a place
where the coyotes and mountain lions still reigned.
We ordered little round huts from Mongolia called “yurts”—
wooden poles stacked together and covered in felt and canvas, with a
glass dome at the top for light.

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