Wednesday, August 19, 2009

20 Years of Jell-O Jigglers and Fun Recipes

Just in time for back-to-school lunchboxes...

This year, JELL-O is celebrating the 20th anniversary of JELL-O® JIGGLERS®, the beloved wiggly, jiggly gelatin shape snack recipe that brings fun and creativity to snack time. To celebrate, there is a special exhibit showcasing JIGGLERS at the JELL-O Museum in LeRoy, New York.

•The JIGGLERS exhibit reminds visitors of the simple joy and fun JELL-O brings to families. It displays everything from the first JIGGLERS' cutouts to vintage television spots from the famous Bill Cosby JELL-O JIGGLERS' commercials.

•Created by Kraft Foods, the JELL-O JIGGLERS recipe remains a snack time favorite today. The colorful, bite-sized cutouts are easy to make using a pan of any flavor of JELL-O gelatin and seasonal cutters or molds (or everyday household items like cookie cutters or cupcake tins).

•With over 25 flavors of JELL-O gelatin, Kraft Foods has developed lots of new JELL-O snacking ideas like "Jellin'-Melon" Snacks, a fun-to-make snack using JELL-O and a hollowed out melon. With so many options, the possibilities for creative snacking with the family are endless.

◦To join in the celebration, follow the creative snack time recipes for JIGGLERS and "Jellin'-Melon" Snacks (recipes displayed on right).

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