Friday, August 21, 2009

Actor Dean Jones Returns to the Screen


With Book Sales Exceeding 7 Million Copies Worldwide, "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel" DVD Set for September 2009 Release

Renowned Hollywood actor Dean Jones has taken a journey back in time to star in Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Set in the late 1800's and based on the book series which has sold over seven million units, this entertaining film for all ages will be released on DVD September 22 through Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Jones, (Clear and Present Danger, Disney's The Love Bug) who stars as Jason Bond in the film, was drawn to the project by creators Joy Chapman and Owen Smith.

"What sold me on this project was the opportunity to work with the creators. They have gone out and despite what Hollywood might say, decided to make a movie. And as a result, they've assembled a wonderful cast and their gifts are obvious throughout," said Jones.

Chapman and Smith, who produced, wrote, and directed the film together, say the historical setting of the story was what initially drew them to start writing the movie. The movie is based on the first book of the 40 book series.

"We love period pieces, entering into a time we haven't lived in and wondering how life would really be. The idea of following this young heroine who begins the film in a tiny log cabin in 1899, but finishes in a huge mansion searching through secret tunnels was very intriguing to us," says Chapman.

Jones, widely respected for maintaining a strong character in an industry that many times promotes the opposite, sees this project as much more than a typical role.

"When Mandie becomes the likely heir of her Uncle John's fortune, she immediately comes under Jason Bond's protective gaze. In my role as Bond, his sense of integrity toward his work and his life is something I would like to exhibit in my own life," said Jones.

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