Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School!

It is the time of year that mothers look forward to with mixed emotions. It hails a return to the scheduled life that school brings; a return to the early mornings and hopefully not too late nights of homework. It also brings with it soccer games and dance practices; piano lessons and study groups. Jam packed schedules that keep you on your toes.

I find that I enjoy both the laziness of summer and the hectic craziness that is the school year. Summer allows for late nights and lazy mornings, with little else but fun to be had. The school year brings with it a routine that brings order back into our family. It always seems that the change of seasons, from summer to the school year and vice versa, comes at just the right time. I am excited to get back to the routine; I am hungry for it. Yet, in May I couldn’t wait for the freedom of summer.

What are your favorite things about back to school?

Here are some of mine:

-New Pencils

-The smell of books (yep I am weird like that, I like to go to the book store for the smell as well as to find something new to read)

-The excitement for learning

-The reminder to spend time one on one with each child, helping them with their school work

-Watching as new concepts seem to “click” in the minds of my children

-and lastly (but of course not least) a few hours of semi-quiet each day (I still have two at home and one of my school-age children is going into Kindergarten, which is still half day here in Utah)

- Christine

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