Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wiggles Join Sprout TV

If you're a parent, chances are you have heard of The Wiggles - and no matter what your feelings are toward the Aussie "Fab Four", you have to admit that the kids LOVE them (and we here at Pink Lemonade do too!). Not only are The Wiggles great entertainers, they include a real early-childhood curriculum into their music and fun so you can feel good about letting your kiddos rock along to their silly fun. We actually met them back in 2007 and can tell you that they are genuinely just as nice in person as they appear on the screen, which is something to applaud.

The group recently broke their former ties to Disney where their show appeared during the Playhouse Disney programming on The Disney Channel. As of Monday, August 24th, they are now hosting their own three hour segment on Sprout,the channel dedicated to preschoolers.

Since the departure of original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, the group decided to return to its roots of early childhood/preschool songs which they had strayed from in later years (although we adults enjoyed their songs just as much as the kids!). Now that they've re-focused on the younger set, the fit for them on Sprout is perfect.

Sprout's Wiggly Waffle can be seen weekdays from 6am - 9am EST.

When the the girls and I tuned in on Monday, eagerly anticipating the arrival and, truly expecting to see three hours of Wiggles shows, we were treated to many between show fillers of The Wiggles (who happened to be in studio and taking live call-in's that day), along with all of Sprout's regular programming. We were delighted to have a fun way to start our day before we headed off to the stressful school day ahead.

Since then, however, I do have to say that I can't quite seem to put my finger on the exact air time of the show - it doesn't appear to be on (on the West Coast) at the 6-9 slot, I did however happen to turn on the TV today at 11:15am and there were our Wiggly Waffle friends - so I'm still not clear on the broadcast time here, although it appears to be 9-12. We are thrilled that the Wiggles shows are, once again, airing on US television and have set our DVR to automatically record them daily - we are hoping that some of our favorites such as the "Lights, Camera, Action" series will be shown too.

We are so happy that we can once again dance along and sing along to our favorite kid's entertainers - although my kids are now technically "tweens", the contagious fun of The Wiggles is a nice change from The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana constantly booming from their bedrooms.

- Liz

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