Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Work the Core - Win the iJoy Ride

ridephotoA few months ago, I reviewed the iJoy Balance Board. Now it’s time for the iJoy Ride to take center stage. Made by Human Touch®, the iJoy® series focuses on what they call “effortless exercise,” with the tag line “take the work out of working out.” Here is the product description:

“The iJoy Ride is a unique and exciting way to work out! It has been engineered to work your core muscles by challenging your balance. It does all the work-you just sit back, keep your balance, and have fun! The iJoy Ride's three-axis motion challenges three different muscle groups. Test your skills by varying the speed of the iJoy Ride or choose the auto-program and let the iJoy Ride take control; dishing out a combination of all four speeds. You really can't go wrong working out on the iJoy Ride. As you work to keep your balance, you’re working your muscles. So, make it fun! Express yourself!”

As a fitness enthusiast who really enjoys using my own power to move my body, I was initially skeptical about these products. After trying them, I’m happy to report that they are both enjoyable and effective.

At first glance, the iJoy Ride looks like a small mechanical bull. I felt a little silly getting on it for the first time. To my surprise, I had a blast! The machine really did work all of my core muscles including my abs, back, butt and thighs. The inner thigh toning alone encouraged me to take a ride 1-2 times a day. This machine certainly helps to build good core strength. The “triple axis riding motion”, forces the supporting muscles to tighten and release to balance yourself while the machine is in motion. While it may not give you a rocking six-pack, it will serve as a good base to get you started. It is a great no impact option for anyone with joint issues as well. For the beginner, you can choose to hold onto the front handlebars. As your core strength improves, you can try to sit without holding on which is a harder workout for your core.

The great thing about the iJoy Ride is that it can be used by nearly anyone. My kids and my husband had a ton of fun giving it a try. Even my 66-year old father enjoyed it. As long as you are cleared for exercise, and don’t exceed the 275lb weight limit, the young, old, fit and unfit can get a great, and fun workout.

Now, for the fun part – You can win the iJoy Ride. This product retails for $399 so this is quite a valuable prize.

It's easy and free to enter at

- Contest ends August 31, 2009. Contests are open only to those with a valid US shipping address. Winners will be selected at random. Prizes not claimed within seven (7) days of the winner announcement will be forfeited and another random name will be selected. Good Luck!

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