Friday, September 4, 2009

BlackBerry Smartphone User Loses 50 lbs With Weight Loss Sensei Application

Enhanced Version Launches This Week on BlackBerry App World

For Michael Schneider, a busy college student with an on-the-go lifestyle and no time for shopping or cooking, weight loss was almost impossible. Desperate for a nutrition plan that fit with his unpredictable schedule, he downloaded Weight Loss Sensei, a Virtual Dietitian application for his BlackBerry® smartphone. Six months later, Michael has lost more than 50 pounds with the Weight Loss Sensei Application by eating the healthy options Sensei recommends at his favorite restaurants and fast food locations.

Understanding the need for on-the-go weight loss support, Sensei ( released the Weight Loss Sensei application for BlackBerry® smartphones, which is available now for download on BlackBerry App World™ or on the Sensei for Weight Loss site (, as part of its comprehensive online and mobile phone weight loss program. Sensei’s program teaches consumers how to embrace a healthy lifestyle with customized meal plans, fitness tips and encouraging advice pushed directly to the dieter’s mobile phone or computer.

Weight Loss Sensei’s flexible plan and virtual mobile coach encourages Michael to make healthy choices on-the-go.

My BlackBerry is my constant companion, and I rely on it for everything. With Weight Loss Sensei installed, it’s easy to stick with my diet because the plan is with me wherever I go,” said Schneider. “Instead of having to plan ahead for every meal, I use the mobile application to live spontaneously and still lose weight.”

Weight Loss Sensei transforms the BlackBerry smartphone into a 24/7 weight loss coach, with a program tailored to meet individual needs, preferences and challenges. With personalized recommendations for on-the-go dining, quick exercises, and frequent motivational tips, Weight Loss Sensei helps busy dieters stay successful in any situation.

We created the Weight Loss Sensei Application to make it easier for today’s dieter to choose healthy dining options at any time and any place from their BlackBerry smartphone,” said Robert Schwarzberg, CEO of Sensei. “Too often, unplanned events and stressors lead to impulsive choices and reap havoc on diets. Sensei’s application provides support at these critical junctures to keep users on track.”

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Sensei takes a detailed account of the unique challenges each user faces and builds a nutrition and fitness program based on lifestyle, cuisine preference and budget. The Sensei customer is reminded when to exercise, what to buy from the grocery store, and encouraged to “stick with it” when confronted with various challenges. These personalized tips are sent directly to the Sensei user through his or her BlackBerry smartphone.

Mobile Phones: The Sensei Way to Weight Loss

Originally launched in November, 2007, Weight Loss Sensei is among the first “intelligent applications” available based on Social Cognitive Theory and the science of behavioral informatics - the use of technology to promote behavior change. The program draws on both Web and mobile technologies to personalize interaction with the user, maximizing convenience and increasing the user’s prospects for long term weight-management success. The experience begins online, where users enter their desired weight, food preferences, eating habits, meal times, exercise routines and other personal information. Sensei’s expert system then works with the user to generate a realistic, customized nutrition and fitness plan.

To enroll in Weight Loss Sensei™ or for additional information, visit BlackBerry smartphone users can download the Weight Loss Sensei application on BlackBerry App World ( at an initial promotional price of $9.99. Once consumers download the application, they will be prompted to enroll using their smartphone. Alternatively, they can also enroll online and have the application sent directly to their BlackBerry smartphone

Dieters without BlackBerry smartphones should visit the Sensei web site at determine if their phone is supported. There is also an online-only version for those that want to use Sensei via the web.

About Sensei

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Sensei Inc. is a developer of innovative mobile and Web-based solutions that motivate and empower consumers to take charge of their well-being. Sensei was formed in 2005 by Humana Innovation Enterprises, a subsidiary of Humana, Inc. (NYSE: HUM).

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