Friday, September 4, 2009

Creating A Kid-Friendly Study Area

Is your children’s idea of a study area involve draping their legs over the back of the sofa and reading upside down with a bag of potato chips on their stomach? Do they study on the floor with the TV blasting and the cell phone to one ear? Do they spend hours staring at their textbooks with very little studying? It may be time to create a kid-friendly study area for your Einsteins!

Minoo Hersini, Creative Director at Au Ciel Design Studio, shares these easy tips to ensure the study area meets your children’s needs:
  • Make a list of things you need and don’t need. Give away the items that you and your teenagers no longer use such as toys, books and clothing and donate them to younger unprivileged children or any other organization.

  • Go through the list of “must haves” and categorize them by subject.

  • Once you have identified a list of wardrobe and paper goods that your teenagers will need, it’s time to start shopping!

  • Don’t shop for clothing and school supplies on the same day.

  • Mount a notice board so you and your children can pin up reminders, invitations, social events, practices, etc.

  • Most kids have their own individual rooms so insert a partition in a small corner of the room to create a study area. It’s an interesting way of separating work from leisure.

  • Buy platform beds for your teens. The ones with drawers are best since you can store clothing such as underwear and socks.

  • Avoid little items and artifacts since they are usually the cause of clutter.

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