Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Most Effective Total Body Workout - Pure Barre

Carrie Rezabek left a law career to create the most effective total body workout - Pure Barre

With a passion for fitness, dance and athletics, Carrie Rezabek, the founder and CEO of Pure Barre, left a career as an attorney to follow a dream that is now improving bodies all over the nation.

When Carrie was 17, she auditioned for a dance company and performed and choreographed with them for seven years. During that time, she went to college and law school – really, she was motivated to stay in school, so she could continue to dance and not have a “real job”. After law school, she had to be an attorney and although she taught fitness in the mornings and evenings, it wasn’t enough for her. After two years of practicing law, she quit to open her first Pilates and Ballet-Barre studio – everyone thought she was crazy giving up her law career equipped with an office with a door, a parking spot, an assistant and a prestigious title.

Carrie’s first studio was in the basement of a building in a suburb of Detroit with no sign, no toilet, and certainly not a single client. Only eight years later, approximately 40,000 people have done Pure Barre and it’s changing women’s bodies nationwide. Of course, all those people who called her crazy before, now say “I knew you could do it!”

Two years ago, Carrie began franchising Pure Barre and there are currently 12 studios nationwide with 4 more opening this year and plans for approximately 20 more in 2010. How many 30-somethings have successfully launched a franchise that is growing this quickly? She has three workout DVDs currently available that allow people to access Pure Barre anywhere.

Pure Barre is a total body workout which utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to great music. The workout lifts your seat, tones your thighs, flattens your abs and burns fat in record breaking time. Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change your body producing visible results in only 10 workouts.

Titled Pershing Square 1 and Pershing Square 2, the DVDs offer options for variation for the beginner to intermediate to the Pure Barre enthusiast who share a common desire for a workout that really works. These workouts can be done with no equipment at home or while traveling for work or vacation. The DVDs are available at and can be purchased individually for only $19.95 per DVD.

About Carrie Rezabek

Carrie Rezabek is the creator and CEO of Pure Barre. Carrie grew up dancing, performing and choreographing events all over the U.S. She has extensive training in dance, pilates, and fitness as well as the Lotte Berk Method, NYC. After earning a Business degree from Michigan State and a Law Degree from Wayne State, Carrie opened her first studio in Birmingham, MI where she developed the Pure Barre Technique. With her gift for creative choreography and music and her passion for challenging workouts that produce results, Carrie is constantly evolving Pure Barre to the next level. Besides the physical benefits of Pure Barre, Carrie is passionate about the mental and emotional strength Pure Barre brings and seeks to share that by empowering girls and young women via Pure Barre’s charitable foundation Pure Give.

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Anonymous said...

I have tried one of these workouts and they are really great. It is amazing how well you can work your body with minimal overall movement. It's not a cardio workout, but boy will it work your muscles. I highly recommend it.