Friday, September 18, 2009

Poll Results - Popular School Lunch Items, the leading social network to make new friends and form new social circles, recently conducted a survey of Gather Moms to determine the most popular back to school lunches.

Some highlights from the survey:

There is a nearly even split between those that pack lunches (52%) or buy school lunch (48%)

The PB&J is the most popular (37%), but a surprising 24% of parents don’t pack a sandwich for their kid’s lunches.

Which fruit is most favored? In a close race, the banana came out on top with 33% of the vote, followed by apple with 31% and grapes with 26%.

More parents pack fruit juice (38%) than milk (35%) for their child’s lunch

When it comes to getting it there, the overwhelming majority (68%) of parents use insulated lunch bags, compared to 19% who “brown bag it” and 13% who use the classic plastic lunchbox.

I thought you and your readers might be interested in this fun survey, and that the results could inspire some fun conversations with your readers! You can check out the survey page here. members earn Gather Points for taking the survey!

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