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Dreambaby - Keeping Your Kiddos Safe

Dreambaby Helps Make Your House A Safer Place For Small Children

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you're mind is filled with thoughts of blankets and rattles, diapers and formula. That tiny human being is incapable of getting into any trouble so childproofing isn't really high on your list of priorities.

But before you know it...

That same tiny little person is crawling and then comes the even more troublesome walking... and you still haven't childproofed your home. A non-childproofed home is indeed a dangerous place for a young child. Sure, you can follow right behind them every second, but all it takes is turning your back for a split second for something disastrous to happen. Childproofing your home helps to put your mind at ease.

Dreambaby was started in 1998 with the aim to create a new brand focusing on child safety products, developing new products and introducing new products to the market. Today, there are more than 200 products in the Dream Baby® range and increasing each year.

Some of the easiest things to install to keep your kitchen a safer place are the Push Down Latches. I remember my Mom installing these in our kitchen for my little brother in the early 70's and the fact that I just in the last year or so removed them from my kitchen (my youngest just turned 8!) is a testimony to the fact that these are both, an inexpensive and efficient way to keep little hands out of cupboards that may house breakable or dangerous items.

Dream Baby sent me a sample of their Cable Lock and although none of my cabinets have handles or knobs, it was put to good use in a way you may have not expected. You see, my elderly Grandmother lives alone and has a large amount of medication that she takes daily. My Mother fills up her pill box each week (you know, one of those 3x per day 7 day boxes) so the correct medications are available to her when she needs them. Sometimes, though, Grandma forgets and goes into the cupboard to get her own medicines (not a good idea as we have no idea of knowing what she took or how much) - to prevent a possible catastrophe, Mom installed this ingenious combination lock on the cupboard that houses the medicines so that we no longer have to worry about Grandma getting into the medications and accidentally taking the wrong thing - or too much of it!

One item that I wish I would have had when my kiddos were small is the foam door stopper. It slides onto the hinge side of the door just above the hinge to prevent the door from being closed completely. No chance of little fingers being smashed in a closing door. I always stuffed a pair of rolled-up socks above the hinge, but inevitably the roll would fall out - this stopper would stay put to provide continuous pinkie protection.

Dreambaby specializes in providing you the supplies to keep your kids safe. Everything from a simple latch for a kitchen cupboard to bath time safety products are their specialty. If you have a little at home and aren't childproofed, you owe it to yourself and your child to check out their products. If you're expecting a baby, visit Dreambaby today because before you have time to blink those babies will be walking and you'll feel better knowing your home is a safe place for them.

- Liz

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