Friday, October 23, 2009

Pulse Yoga

Pulse Yoga is a result of Argie Ligeros Tang's personal quest to find yoga routines that accomplish much more than other yoga styles. A few years ago she was diagnosed with osteopenia. This is almost osteoporosis, but not quite. and was shocked as she had been practicing yoga for so many years and considered herself to be in very good physical condition. The doctor told her that she needed to do some sort of weight training program. Argie had never really liked working out in a gym, always preferring yoga, and also did not want to give up precious time allotted to her yoga practice, so she decided to incorporate free weights into her yoga routines.

As a woman in her 50's, Argie also wanted more toning, strengthening and increased muscle definition, again without using machines in the gym. So, in addition to the free weights, she added micro movements that primarily target areas such as the gluteus muscles, abdominals, upper arms and lower back. These micro movements within the yoga postures are highly effective with results that are noticeable immediately.

Pulse Yoga I Basic

A basic yoga routine that introduces the Pulse concept of micro movements within a posture. Key areas such as abdominal, lower back and gluteous muscles are targeted. Alternating right/left pulse movements with free weights define and sculpt the upper body.
  • Apply the use of free weights in novel ways to basic yoga postures

  • Strengthen and tone key areas such as the abdominals, lower back upper arms and gluteus

  • Teach core awareness

  • Stretch chronically tight areas such as the hamstrings and hip flexors

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