Friday, November 20, 2009

California Milk Advisory Board on PBS

Most Americans consume dairy products on a daily basis, but have they ever stopped to think about how their ice cold milk or the cheese on their pizza made its way from farm to table?

California, the nation’s dairy leader, will hit the "small screen" on November 21st as local dairy producers and their herds star in PBS' Emmy-nominated series Chefs A' Field. The series showcases America’s best chefs who, with family and friends, visit local farmers to learn about where their food comes from and new ways to prepare delicious food with healthy ingredients.

In Season 4, Chefs A’ Field pays tribute to California’s dairy industry – showcasing the industry-leading production efficiencies, animal care and sustainability practices, top-quality products, and the deep heritage of the families who dairy in California. And par for this tasty course, the special features Chef Craig Stoll of acclaimed Delfina Restaurant in San Francisco and his family, who show viewers how they use California dairy products in mouthwatering Italian dishes. From an antipasti of delicate fresh stretched Mozzarella to exquisite homemade ice cream for dessert, Chef Stoll uses the highest quality locally sourced ingredients throughout Delfina’s menu, and his culinary talents have earned him a coveted James Beard award.

As Thanksgiving approaches, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about where your food comes from and the tireless effort that goes into making America’s favorite dairy products that we all enjoy as part of our Thanksgiving dinners. Please be sure to tune in to PBS on Saturday, November 21st to catch Chefs A’ Field live - you can preview the trailer below:

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Cascia said...

That is pretty cool. I am originally from Wisconsin and now reside in California. I still think of Wisconsin as America's Dairyland. But I know that California is also proud of their dairy industry.