Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Shopper Moms "Lose Wait"

with Lexy Audio Entertainment

This Holiday Season, busy moms have even less time to figure out what to cook for dinner or how to prevent their little ones from catching the flu. A brand new FREE service delivered over their MOBILE PHONES (no smart phones needed) lets them get anything from meal ideas and parenting advice, to financial tips and technology trends all on the go. These entertaining and informational audiocasts are called Lexycasts ( They are brought to listeners by Lexycasters, recognized experts and popular up-and-comers that bring unique perspectives to share across a variety of entertainment categories. Lexycasts are short and to the point - and because they only need to be "heard and not seen" - they are a great way for moms on the go to safely stay connected to content they enjoy while driving and even help “lose the wait” while standing in shopping lines!

If you go to either the Lexy website or call 877-FYI-LEXY, without any downloading or synching needed, listeners can choose to hear anything they want at any time they want including news and weather updates to celebrity gossip or parenting tips, money advice and food & wine recommendations. All it takes is a phone call.

Here’s how Lexy works and why it’s unique:

  • The unique audio clips are delivered by Lexycasters, an intriguing mix of well-known and up-and-coming figures in the entertainment categories that are important to you, when and where it’s important to you
    - For example, “Whole Hearted Parenting,” is hosted by parenting coach Maggie Macaulay who offers his helpful tips for successful child rearing. Listen to her segment at

  • It’s interactive so listeners can actually respond to a Lexycast they hear by recording their own audio Lexycast to question, comment, or debate the content they are receiving
    Once people figure out which Lexycasts they like, they can build personalized playlists and opt to receive text message alerts when new segments are available to hear.

  • It’s agnostic to any phone—no downloads, no syncing, just plain and simple dialing from a land line, cell phone, smartphone, etc.

  • The clips are brief 1-3 minute segments that are easy to digest so that the constantly connected traveler can listen anywhere they go.

  • It’s FREE— you can’t argue with that!

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