Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raising an Organized Student

Report cards came out last week in our school district. While my boys are doing well academically, I always look at the comments from the teachers to see how they are doing organizationally. Are they missing assignments, not turning in homework, etc. Those are all signs of a child struggling with organization.

If your child is having issues staying organized here are some helpful tips:
  • Go through their book bag with them each day and have them sort out papers that need thrown away, papers that need to be looked at by parents, papers that need to be turned in to the teacher, etc.

  • Use color coded folders and book covers for different subjects so it is easy for your child to put papers where they belong.

  • Have kids get their school stuff ready the night before, including showing you the assignments that are due, etc.

  • Schedule homework time.

  • Write due dates for projects, test, etc. on the family calendar so you can help keep your child on track.

With my chronically disorganized son, I had to make a rule that he cleaned out his locker one time a week. I only had to go into the school and do it for him one time for him to never "forget" again.

Being a disorganized student can affect your child's grades and self esteem. It is still early enough in the school year to help your child get and stay on track. Helping them organize their school work and manage their time is an investment in their future.

Happy Organizing!


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