Friday, December 11, 2009

Best of 2009 Music

Searching for the perfect gift for your favorite music lover? Here are some great suggestions from some of the hottest bands of 2009...


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“For once, finally, a band has come along that makes the term 'supergroup' its whimpering bitch, in all its terrible glory.” – Crave Online

“When it's all said and done, Them Crooked Vultures is a post-postmodern mashup of classic and current rock sensibilities that will leave your jaw dropped and your mind boggled.” –

“There is no shortage of thinking outside of the box with song construction, and that’s refreshing in itself.” –

Black Gives Way To Blue

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“Black Gives Way To Blue is an honest look inside what Alice In Chains is today. Reminiscent of previous albums, yet delivered with a newfound level of clarity and humanity that only comes from putting everything the past where it belongs, this could mark the beginning of a new era of stellar music from the band that broke through the grunge barrier and redefined modern rock.” – Blabbermouth

“Alice in Chains’ spectacular comeback album, Black Gives Way to Blue, is one of the few instances when a band picks up where it left off and manages to produce an intensity and focus that rivals its heyday.” –

Crash Love

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“Every member has strengthened their craft to coincide with each individual's influence.” – Absolute Punk

“Crash Love is an accomplishment that raises the bar for them as musicians and writers.” – Alt Press

“AFI have honed their musical execution to a surgical precision, and there's nobody on the scene today who can do it with such conviction and style.” – Crave Online

Waking Up

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“OneRepublic has recharged its sound with its second album, Waking Up. The new set finds the band turning out irresistible instrumentals and ultra-catchy vocal chants that enliven its radio-friendly rock sound...Waking Up boasts enough intertwining pop melodies backed with anthemic vocals to show fans of the 2007 Timbaland-remixed track "Apologize" that OneRepublic can deliver more addictive hooks while still maintaining its own graceful and introspective sound.” -- Billboard

“The most obvious impression left from listening to Waking Up is that it’s a work of expert pop music craft. These are songs designed to please an audience and most are very successful at that goal. "All the Right Moves" is a small masterpiece that somehow gets better every time it is heard. Mainstream pop fans should not miss this album. It is one you can return to for basic pop pleasure time and again, and my instinct is a number of the tracks here will become long-term favorites.” -- Top40.about

“Sonically the album is impressive; it’s what you would expect out of Tedder. Waking Up has lots of different textures, LOTS of different drums and percussion sounds, and a soundscape that you’re likely not to hear anywhere else.” – Alternative Addiction

The Live Anthology

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“The Live Anthology redresses that wrong with a panoramic picture of the Heartbreakers' indestructible groove.” – Rolling Stone

“They did it by exemplifying the joyful essence -- the sense of individual liberation, musical interdependence and communal interconnection -- that is life in a rock 'n' roll band.” – LA Times

“It is an absolute reward for his fans. This is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers giving back to the fans who have made him into a superstar.” – Blogs N Roses

The Script

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“This is a beautiful sounding album, with immaculate playing and a production geared to repeated radio play. It is easy to imagine every track being released as a single without devaluing the whole, with the stadium ready rocker “Breakeven” and the confessional ballad “I'm Yours” prime candidates for mass exposure and transatlantic success.” – Music OMH
“Don’t just automatically assume that this is just another overseas import with a unique sound that we’re all just supposed love because Europe does. This album showcases a band that is not only refreshing, but incredibly diverse. With unforgettable hooks, and unique melodies that will catch even the casual listener.” -- Alternative Addiction.

Dear Agony

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“Ben Burnley leads with vocals to be recognized with always finding a new emotional depth to his delivery of each note while Aaron Fink continues to provide his unmistakable riffs” – Ultimate-Guitar

“At the end of the day ‘Dear Agony’ is a fine piece of work” – Tunelab Music

This Is War

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“30 Seconds To Mars will excite fans once again, and This Is War is the right vehicle for them to re-assert themselves in modern rock circles.” –


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“Let’s lift our hats off to guitarists Joseph Pepper and Nic Hudson who contributed to the power-poppy sound that fans wished to hear on Cycles. So I must say this for the final time; Cartel is back.” –

“Cycles does a competent job realigning the group with its emo-pop contemporaries.” –

“They’ve become quality pop-punk songwriters and learned how to put together a quality album. Although Cycles seems to bland together in points, it also sheds a light on how album in the genre should be.” –

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