Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goalforit's New Tools For Healthy Kids

Today Goalforit will be launching their new Habits & Daily Goals Chart, a great way to help you maintain your focus on setting and achieving goals.

But the greatest feature for you as a parent is the Chore Chart for children 4-12. With the Chore Chart, parents can create a custom behavior charts that reward children for doing chores and good behavior. Given the epidemic of childhood obesity; it also makes a great tool for parents that want to create a structured way to make sure their kids are getting more exercise and eating healthier.

How the Chore Chart helps:

  • Teaching a child about goal setting and achieving a goal through a daily habit is an essential skill that will have a positive, long term impact on their performance in the classroom, as well as build a solid foundation for their future.

  • By offering Chore Chart and Behavior Charts, Goalforit offers a free, fun and rewarding way to help teach kids about responsibility now and in the New Year.

  • Goalforit’s Chore Chart and Behavior Charts are the fun and rewarding way to teach children essential skills for everyday life: Responsibility, appropriate behavior & manners and healthy habits

  • Using the “moolah” points system on Goalforit’s chore chart is a great way to teach children four essential habits regarding money matters: earning, spending, saving and giving. As an example, CEO Michael Murdock uses moolah with his daughter Katie. She earns points that can be redeemed for rewards. Since there are rewards that cost different amounts, she needs to balance spending vs. savings for higher cost rewards.

Go check it out and get your kiddos charting their progress today!

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