Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keeping First Things First

This busy season can get away from us if we are not purposeful and organized about our time. Traditions, expectations, obligations...all can drain us emotionally and physically if we let them. Here are some ways we can manage our time and circumstances so we don't find the holidays have passed and we never took the time to enjoy them...

~ Determine what is important to your family (special traditions, family time) and make that top of the priority list. I love this quote from Family Manager, Kathy Peel "You're always saying no to something-try not to let it be your family".

~ Accept invitations that include the whole family or a way to make the event fun for everyone.

~ Take care of yourself. This means taking a break from all the cooking, decorating and shopping to read a book, have coffee with a friend, whatever fills your personal cup.

~ Resist the urge to do too much. There is no rule about how many obligations and invitations you have to accept this time of year. Only do what your family will appreciate and enjoy.

Enjoying time with your loved ones is what the holidays are all about. So, ENJOY!

Merry Christmas & Happy Organizing!


Posted by Melissa of Multitasking Mama

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