Thursday, December 10, 2009

Men’s Health Magazine Launches “Eat This, Not That!”

Latest iPhone App from Men’s Health helps users make healthy and simple food swaps in line and at the grocery store

Men’s Health, the largest men’s lifestyle magazine brand in the world, has released its “Eat This, Not That!” application for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the Apple App Store for $4.99. Based on the best-selling “Eat This, Not That!” book series, by David Zinczenko, with Matt Goulding, now in its fifth edition, the application puts thousands of healthy food options at user’s fingertips, with tried and true food swaps at restaurants and the supermarket proven to save users thousands of unwanted calories.

“It’s the first weight-loss application with actual editorial content, putting the power of carefully culled nutritional knowledge at users’ fingertips when it matters most—at the point of sale. Not only will the content be constantly updated from the “Eat This, Not That!” website and the pages of the bestselling book series, but the no-diet food swaps should stand shoulders above other weight-loss apps with only basic platforms,” said Men's Health Editor-in-Chief, and Women’s Health Editorial Director David Zinczenko.

In addition to automatically updated food swaps on over 10,000 grocery items and 13,000 restaurant menu items, the application also includes a calorie logger that lets users track their daily and weekly caloric intake, as well as how many calories they have worked off. The application combines this information to provide users with a percentage of allotted calories consumed.

The fourth application from Men’s Health, “Eat This, Not That!” is available for iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99 from the Apple App Store ( Like its Men’s Health predecessors, the application was produced by an in-house team of experts on the forefront of technology and nutritional information. “’Eat This, Not That!’ is part of the core of the Men’s Health brand,” said Men’s Health Brand Editor Matt Bean, “And we rolled everything we’ve learned from our previous apps into this launch, creating this tool from the ground up to help our readers harness our top-quality editorial content to reach their weight-loss goals.”

Key features include:


  • Provides access to the same easy-to-use, content-rich information from the pages of the book in a lean, on-the-go format
  • All new content and the latest food swaps appearing on the “Eat This, Not That!” website ( are automatically updated into the application


  • Compare two food options side by side to see how they stack up nutritionally


  • Want a burger but not sure where to find the healthiest alternative? “Eat This, Not That!” offers hundreds of selections at various restaurant chains throughout the country
  • Leave no question as to which food selection makes the grade as you shop at the supermarket or order at a restaurant


  • Track daily and weekly caloric intake
  • Users can maintain a daily budget and track what percentage of allowed calories have been consumed
  • The Weight Tracker pinpoints your weight-loss every step of the way


  • Enables users to create shopping lists within the app that can be emailed to friends and family
  • “Eat This, Not That!” determines an overall grade for items placed in the shopping list


  • Users can test their nutritional knowledge by selecting the healthy alternative from side by side comparison foods

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