Friday, December 18, 2009

My Wish List

My Christmas List This Year:

  1. No more “Reindeer Games” (with four boys there’s always some sort of craziness going on)

  2. Peace on Earth (or at least peace at home)

  3. A kiss from Santa under the mistletoe

  4. Kids that Jingle All The Way to cleaning their rooms

  5. A feeling of Christmas in the air instead of the smell of stinky diapers

  6. A truly Silent Night

All joking aside it is my kids who make Christmas a magical time. I can’t imagine celebrating the holiday without my children surrounding me, their smiles and joys giving light to our home. At times it is my children who remind me what Christmas is all about. In all of the hubbub they still remember that Christmas is a time for giving and a time for family.

Here’s wishing you Peace at home, a feeling of Christmas in the air, and a Silent Night.

- Christine

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