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Pink Lemonade's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Every month we receive writeups on hundreds of new products. Some are totally awesome and some, not so great. We've spent a great deal of time weeding out the rediculous and the duds - here are our picks for some of the best holiday gifts for 2009!

Stocking Stuffers and $10 & Under

Cyber Clean*:

Ladies, there is no shame in admitting the strong connection you have with your hair dryer. Problem is, what if you were to find your hair soaking wet before a crucial meeting or much anticipated date, holding this essential item in your hand and it’s choosing not to turn on? The mishap, more times than not, will be because of dirt buildup in the grate. Cyber Clean Home and Office there will be no more damaging lint buildup, which prevents not only the panic that would ensue if this situation were to occur, but also the sudden breakdown of your hairdryer.

Cyberclean is a high tech cleaning compound that gets rid of dust and lint just about everywhere (it works wonders on your keyboard!) A .17 oz ziptop foil bag of Cyberclean retails for $5.99.

Only Hearts Club*:

Nowadays when you walk into a toy store all you see on the shelves are a bunch of “sexy dolls” that are too provocative for a child’s own good. Girls are going directly from pre-school to teenagers and skipping the most important development stages. The Only Hearts Club dolls are not merely just a doll to play with but a wholesome role model for young girls.

Compared to the other fashion dolls on the market -- The Only Hearts Club dolls are relatively less pricey, which will put a smile on every parent’s face. Only Hearts Club dolls retail for about $17 each and are available at Target stores nationwide.


There's a great new way for kids to learn table manners... and to give moms a break from picking up the napkin off the floor!

Eti-kits are new napkin clips that attach to clothing - keeping the napkin in place during eating. No more dropped napkins. No more stained clothes. Eti-kits make sure the napkin stays put. Great for restaurants, on-the-go eating, picnics, etc.

Eti-KITS napkin clips retail for $8.00 for package of 6.

Emmas Inspirations*:

Each year, millions of children face danger and injury because of being left in vehicles unattended. Now, there's a product that helps prevent this. Emma's Inspirations offers brand new car window decals.... static cling 'stickers' that provide a simple reminder to the driver, that your child could still be in the back seat. Four decals that adhere to the inside of the windows facing out come in each order... they are designed to place on the driver, passenger and rear door windows.

The product was invented by two parents who accidentally left their infant in a car for nearly 45 minutes. She survived but the 'near tragedy' inspired the business.

This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any new parents. A set of 6 retails for $6.95.


Increasing the temperature, humidity and darkness of the inner ear environment combined with sweat from in-ear buds while working out can cause…get ready for it…damaging ear infections caused from bacterial growth. According to Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences, harmful bacteria was found on 92 per cent of ear swabs taken from people who regularly shared their earphones with friends, compared with only eight per cent of those who shared less frequently.


BUT with hanger buds that fit to the head, do not fall out of the ears and serve as a great way to avoid bacterial build up, you can steer clear of in-ear bud catastrophes! Not only that…they’re STYLISH!

GROOVE by 2XL provides fitness fanatics with hanger buds that are the perfect wear for any movement or fitness routine. Features include:
• Adjustable fits
• Hanger bud design
• Non-slip technology and design
• Variety of bring colors and designs (pink, bright green, grey,
gold and more!)
• Stellar sound quality

Groove Earbuds retail for $14.99.

Piggy Paint:

Your little girls love the look of beautifully polished nails... but you're not sure they're completely safe. Piggy Paint is the answer!!

Piggy Paint™ is specially formulated from God’s natural ingredients and dries to a hard, durable finish. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone.

Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint™…it’s as Natural as Mud!

Just in time for your stocking stuffing pleasure, the great folks at Piggy Paint have a special coupon code just for you! Enter code: THANKYOU15L at checkout for 15% off EVERYTHING on their site! (including Sale Items that would run through Valentine’s Day 2010 so that all Big & Little Girls can have beautiful and fun Piggies!)

Piggy Paint retails for $9.99 per bottle.

Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit:

The cutest pink tin box in the world contains a recipe card for cupcakes and cookies and all the 'tools' a little person needs to get the job done. A great gift for a budding baker of any age

The Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit is available from Henry Road and retails for $16.00.

Ciao Bella Refreshing Body Wash:

Everyone loves taking a shower when there's an awesome smelling shower gel waiting for them. Treat yourself or someone you love to something from Ciao Bella Natural Bath and Body. How can you resist shower gels (and many other great products) with scents like Sweet Orange Vanilla, Kumquat Freesia or Almond just to name a few!

The great folks at Ciao Bella have a discount code for you for 20% off your order! Just use the code BELLA20 at checkout.

Ciao Bella natural bath and body products retail for between $6.95 and $26.95 for individual products.

Give the Gift of Movies:

Movie gift certificates & cards are the hot stocking stuffer this year! Fandango has several fun options to give the gift of movies - and let your gift-ee choose the movie! There are the standard Fandango Bucks gift certificates! or there are many special edition gift card to choose from, like Limited Edition New Moon gift cards. and right now, Purchase $50 or more in Fandango Bucks and receive a free movie ticket. Offer expires on 12/7/09.

Elvis Flipbook Set:

Flipbooks Bring Elvis® To Life! Flip the pages of these flipbooks with your thumb and watch Elvis® at his moving, grooving, gyrating best! Includes footage from a 1957 concert in Tupelo. Each frame is hand-tinted! Set of 3 flipbooks in a sleek case; 6" x 4".

The Elvis Flipbook Set retails for $14.98.

Elvis Nodniks:

Even though Elvis is long gone, he is bigger this year than ever! Treat your favorite fan to a pair of cute little Elvis bobbleheads dressed in some of his famous attire.

Elvis nodniks
are sold in a set of two and retail for $10.99

Silver High Heel Shoe Necklace:

This listing is for a Sweet~n~Sassy Silver enamel High Heel Shoe necklace accented with dazzling rhinestones.

This darling necklace is available throught Etsy and retails for $13.00.

Twilight Necklace:

If you have a Twilight fan in your house (or on your gift list), this is definitely a must-have! Any Edward fan would be pleased to wear this beautiful necklace.

This Twilight inspired necklace can be found on Etsy and retails for $17.00.

$25 and Under

Eeebee's Adventures*:

Eebee is a colorful, fun friend for your baby. Eebee's adventures are designed to engage you and your baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not.

Watching and, importantly, “doing” eebee's adventures will allow you and your baby to see and learn first-hand what happens when you explore a crinkly, crunchy, smooth and bumpy paper mountain or roll, bounce, bop, bang, slide and toss your way around a world of balls and ramps.

The press has dubbed Eebee the “un-Baby Einstein” approach to learning. These toys and videos are designed to encourage multiple play patterns and levels of playful interaction. And it’s just those types of real-world interactions with objects and people that help to build a wide range of skills.

Our testers told us that their children loved these videos and they kept their attention for longer than other videos had in the past!

Whiz Freedom*:

When nature calls, women don’t have it easy at public restrooms, campsites, hiking trails and rest stops! Whiz freedom is a new device for women who are tired of stripping, squatting, bending, or wetting when trying to go to the bathroom with less than adequate facilities. The award-winning, world leading invention has been found to be the most comfortable female urine director. Hygienic, medical grade, convenient, comfortable, and easy to use.

It’s the perfect solution for travelers, back packers, mountain climbers, skiers, golfers, cyclists, campers, etc.

Babble Babywear*:

Want your baby to make a statement without saying a word? It's easy with Babble Babywear! Each adorable onesie is made of comfy 100% combed ringspun cotton with flatlock seams. Double-needle ribbed binding on neck, shoulders, sleeves and leg opening. Plus, they feature a reinforced three snap closure to keep everything secure. With adorable slogans like "Your crib or mine?" and "It's 5am somewhere", these adorable shirts are sure to make everyone smile. Each oneseie retails for $14.99.

Children's Books*:

Over thirty years ago, Pat Palmer and Louise Hart met at their first graduate school class in Greeley, Colorado, sitting on the basement floor of their professor's home. At the time, Pat was the founder and director of the Assertiveness Training Institute of Denver; Louise was a “displaced homemaker” pursuing a career. When Pat spoke up and spoke out, some of the "nice girls" in the class and men felt surprised, even somewhat intimidated. Pat gave Louise a scholarship to her assertiveness class — and it changed her life.

Pat’s dissertation was published as two children’s books-Liking Myself, and The Mouse, the Monster and Me. These two heartfelt and powerfully written books were uniquely designed, charmingly illustrated and hand-lettered on traditional lined elementary school paper.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me focuses on the importance of finding a balance between one's aggressive inner "monster", and one's passive inner "mouse". Children quickly grasp the metaphor and discover their assertive “me” self. Readers readily identify these behaviors in themselves and others. Other issues include: getting in touch with your own strengths; respect, rights, and responsibilities; how to say “no” to trouble; receiving criticism and compliments; and being yourself.

Liking Myself offers advice on how to handle oneself when feeling depressed, upset, or overwhelmed. Topics include: liking yourself, feeling talk, allowing, letting go, and body talk.

Each book retails for $12.99

Utterly Yours Breast Pillow*:

Nursing your baby is the most natural and healthy thing you can do for not only your baby, but yourself. But if your breasts are on the larger side, that means you need both hands for nursing (one to hold baby and one to support your breast). Utterly Yours has developed a pillow designed to be placed under the breast and provide the support you need while allowing your other hand to remain free, thus providing a relaxing experience for Mom.

Our product testers loved this pillow - their only complaint was that they didn't find this sooner!
The utterly yours breast pillow retails for between $21.95 (small size) to $29.95 (x-large size).

Paci Plushies*:

Paci-Plushies™ are the first and ONLY plush pacifier holder of it's kind to attach to Name Brand pacifiers! Button and Ring Handled pacifiers attach to a super soft and light-weight plush toy making the pacifier easy for young infants to hold and easy for Mom to find around the house!

These super lightweight and soft Paci-Plushie™ is a BEARrrific solution to lost pacifiers! Bentley's unique style allows pacifier to remain close at all times while teaching baby to manipulate the pacifier without any help.

designed with a flexible, silicone Hug Ring™, Paci-Plushies™ eailsy connect to Baby's favorite pacifiers including MAM™ , Avent™ , Nuby™ , NUK™ , Evenflo™ , Playtex Binky™ and many more!

Paci-Plushies™ retail for $13.99 each.

Cute and Patootie*:

It's hard to narrow your choice at Cutie and Patootie down to just one product - they have so many adorable things! The great folks there helped me narrow down my choice, by sending me an adorable koi fish shirt for my little miss. Their line of T's are adorable and they have them for both boys and girls.

The great folks at Cutie and Patootie would like to extend a discount of 10% off any purchase with code "trendy"

Any kiddo would feel very stylish in their Cutie and Patootie exclusive Tee! Tee's retail for $22.00.

Safe Sippy Sporter*:

With the movement away from single-use plastic water bottles picking up momentum every day, the stainless steel water bottle is quickly becoming the must-have accessory for every day use. Kid Basix is the premiere manufacturer of stainless sippy cups and sports bottles to keep your kiddos from being exposed to harmful chemicals in plastics.

We have been using our sporter since school began and it's still going strong!

Safe Sippy Cups (both basic sippys and sporters) are available at Babies R Us - the 12oz sportster retails for 14.95 and the 16oz sporter for $15.95.

Silly Shirt Shop*:

The Silly Shirt Shop is an adorable new t-shirt company lets your child design their own character shirt to look like them! Now, they can sport a fashionable tee that's like looking in the mirror.

Choose the gender, hair cut/color, eye color, eyebrows, the right outfit - and even appropriate accessories (from hair ribbons to hats and headbands, or a fun accessory - like a football or guitar.)

It's great fun to design your own character and then have an adorable shirt to wear.

Prices vary depending upon the shirt style you choose, but most are $22.00 - $27.00.


Kids love stuffed animals - but there's a new one on the market that will have kids in stitches.

Norman PhartEphant is a 10 inch elephant plush toy with sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of 8 different sounds! Of course, Normal apologizes on occasion - and it's a great toy product to help teach children about bodily functions and how to respond.

Norman PhartEphant retails for $21.95.

Look Who Is Coming:

Reading and learning gets personal with "Look Who is Coming". “Look Who Is Coming…”, is a charming, interactive tale that is personalized for each child via the inclusion of photos of friends, family and other special people in the child’s life.

Designed for children ages 8 months and up, “Look Who is Coming…” allows your child to take the starring role in the storytelling and is the perfect book to incorporate friends, family, favorite animals and more by simply sliding a photo into the built-in tabs.

Everyone from teachers to mothers and grandmothers love the interactive element of this book. “With this book, a child is given the opportunity to essentially, create his or her own story. By using the unique approach of personalizing through photos, this book not only helps children identify colors, objects, and numbers, it also presents a whole new method of learning that is both practical and fun,” says Elizabeth Pernik, long-time educator and grandmother of 3.

Experience the simplistic beauty of the illustrations as “Look Who is Coming…” stimulates your child and contributes to his or her development. “Look Who Is Coming…” will encourage your child to count, identify people, objects and colors and develop facial recognition and fine motor skills while following different friends along the way.

Look Who is Coming retails for $13.99.

Melange Perfumes*:

Mélange Perfume’s new line of portable perfumes are Made from the finest ingredients, Mélange’s Solid and Roll-On Perfumes are offered in an array of fragrances for every taste, mood and desire. Each perfume is super concentrated for long wear, beautifully packaged and affordably priced, making them the perfect “under $20” holiday gift.

Melange Solid Perfumes retail for $15.00, Roll-On Perfumes retail for $18.00.

Hello Hanna Get-Set Placemats*:

These super-heavyweight placemats are so fun! Kids have three whimsical themes to choose from and then they get to customize their very own placemat with pop-up characters and one-of-a-kind sticker doodads. Great for parties, holidays, play-dates and dinners out!

We used our samples at Thanksgiving dinner and all three kids had a great time decorating their placemats - no getting up early from the table!

Hello Hanna Get-Set Placemats are available in three different themes: Hello Me, Hello Robot and Hello Jungle. They are available in sets of 8 (two each of four designs) and retail for $14.95.

Starbucks Gift Card:

There's nothing better than a steaming beverage on a cold winter's day. Gift the gift of something yummy with a
Starbucks Card
- available in many denominations.


Give the gift that keeps on giving. A one-year subscription to Netflix will give your gift-ee unlimited movie rentals for as low as $8.99 per month!

Circle Kabob Skewers:

This shapely kabob set runs circles around the average, stick-straight skewer with a curve that allows them to fit snugly on any plate. One end of these non-stick stainless steel skewers is sharp for piling on the kabob ingredients, and the other end curves into an attractive coiled handle. Made in China. Sold as a set of eight.

Circle Kabob Skewers retail for $18.00

$50 and Under

Groovy Music City*:

Easy to use software inspires kids 7-12 to easily create their own music!

Using Groovy Music City software, kids can create songs by arranging a series of entertaining shapes and machines against a backdrop of an animated and futuristic city. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets kids choose from hundreds of rythms, melodies, bass lines, patterns and chords to compose songs with just a few mouse clicks. They also have the option of selecting from a library of 128 virtual instruments or connecting a MIDI Keyboard to create their own music compositions.

Groovy Music City retails for $39.49.

Utterly Yours Pregancy Pillow*:

When you're in the final trimester of pregnancy, it seems as though you can never quite get comfortable at night - just when you need your sleep the most! Luckily, Utterly Yours has developed a Pregancy Pillow designed to give your growning belly the support it needs so you can sleep!

Retailing between $39.95 (for the small size) and $54.95 (for the large size) - you can give the gift of a good night's sleep under the tree!

Modest Middles*:

Nursing your baby is a great experience, but sometimes if your nursing in public it can leave parts of you showing that you'd just as soon keep covered.

Modest Middles is an ingenious camisole/tank top designed to be worn underneath any regular shirt and keep your middle under cover!

Modest middles are available in black, white and nude and retail for $29.99.

U-Play Mat:

Get on the floor with your kids! There's a brand new mat designed to enhance interactive floor play between toddlers and parents. Play This Way Everyday introduces the U-Play Mat - a low-tech learning toy, designed by a NY pediatrician and mom of four.

This U-Play Mat allows the child to sit inside the opening of the U and have full access to 15 clear pockets - filled with interactive flash cards. From theme-based cards around animals, foods, letters and more - adults can interact with the child and make learning all kinds of lessons fun! Plus, with the design of the mat, and the accompanying tote bag, there is no mess.

The U-Play Mat Starter Set retails for $49.00.

The Trader Joe's Cookbook*:

The most demanding eaters aren't upscale diners, they're kids. Kids are fussy. They're in a hurry. And they get sick of the same food over and over. For moms, cooking healthy meals and snacks kids love is a daily challenge.

Busy moms Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati, two gals who love to cook and have young children, have figured out ingenious ways to prepare inexpensive, super quick and healthy food for kids.

Gunn and Miniati are authors of the new independent cookbook, Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's, which features recipes for busy moms that can be assembled in minutes from pre-prepped ingredients (chopped veggies, salads, and sauces, e.g.) and require a single shopping stop--to your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

Help a busy Mom in your life by making dinner one less thing for her to worry about! Cooking with Trader Joes retails for $29.95.

Wonder Rotunda*:

A highly innovative new website takes kids on thrilling world adventures in a first of its kind 'virtual theme park.' - You might call it a 'virtual world's fair!'

Wonder Rotunda is an online educational theme park designed to get kids thinking about the planet, what they're interested in and passionate about. On Wonder Rotunda, kids (ages 7-12) can do everything from zip line through a tropical rainforest, steer a submarine through the human digestive system, dive the Great Barrier Reef or operate a smoothie stand! Jam packed with 13 'game shows,' there is never a dull moment - yet they are learning and exploring every step of the way.

Created by a D.C. dad who was inspired by the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair and wanted to recreate that experience in a new, fun online experience.

My 8 year old absoluetly loved this site! She would play it for a little while and then come tell my all about the new things she learned - does it get any better than that?

A one year pass to Wonder Rotunda is $45.00.

Wii Family Fun Football*:

With the new Wii Family Fun Football, families will enjoy the casual, “pick up and play” gameplay style, simple playbook, and intuitive motion controls that help create the ultimate fun football experience. Addicting mini games, whimsical characters, and mascot modes keep kids and parents alike coming back for more, not to mention the ability to play as your Mii caricature!

Game Features:

  • Simple playbook: A coaching playbook that makes it easy for everyone to learn and play the game of football!
  • Power-ups: Earn power-ups during gameplay to enhance certain attributes including speed, strength, passing, and interception for a limited amount of time. Use them wisely to gain momentum in the game!
  • Quickplay: Jump right into the action! Select two teams and the stadium you want to play in to get started. Up to four players can play for 2-on-2 football fun!
  • Season: Play through a nine game season, each game against a different opponent. Defeat every team to be the best!
  • Tournament: Play your way through a double-elimination tournament and be the last team standing to win it all!
  • Mascot Mode: You can play as your team’s mascot, or as one of 10 unlockable mascots in Mascot Mode!
  • Mii Compatibility: Load in your own Mii and play against your friends’ and family’s Miis for a more personal experience.

The Wii Family Fun Football game is available at retailers nationwide and retails for $29.95.

Cocooi Baby Wraps*:

Overheating has been identified as a leading risk factor for SIDS, and the risk of overheating is an important consideration when choosing nursery bedding. Thought you’d have interest for October, SIDS Awareness Month.

Merino wool is the ideal natural fabric for a sleeping baby in any season and is fast-becoming the preferred sleepwear fabric choice of discerning parents around the world.

The Cocooi Newborn line from Merino Kids includes the BabyWrap, Gown, and Baby Sleep Bag. All products are 100% merino (no cotton outer layer), and only merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to regulate a baby’s body temperature to keep them warm and sleeping through the night without overheating. Merino fabric ‘breathes’ exceptionally well, which means it is able to absorb perspiration from the skin and release it as vapor into the air to help prevent a baby from overheating and waking up damp.

The Cocooi Babywrap retails for $49.00.

Simplehuman Sensor Soap Dispenser*:

Handwashing is an important part in preventing illness, and now Simplehuman has come up with this ingenious soap dispenser! Using sensor technology to dispense soap touch-free, the new sensor soap pump allows you to wash your hands without losing your shirt.

The newest sensor soap pump has a pop-up lid with a wide opening for mess-free refills and adjustable volume so you can control how much soap is dispensed. A small blue LED display flashes when the sensor is activated and blinks when the batteries need to be replaced. The sensor soap pump is engineered to save power, so the four AA batteries should only need replacing once every six months.

The Simplehuman sensor soap pump is available in black or white plastic and retails for $29.99.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey for Wii and DS:

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey for Wii features more than 40 action-packed games that test the circus skills of even the most highly trained professionals. Gamers can soar through the air as a human cannonball, perform with magnificent Bengal tigers, defy gravity on a motorcycle in the Spherical Miracle, dazzle the crowd with aerial acrobatics, and dance with an exotic Asian elephant. Only the best will become certified to perform in front of thousands in the exciting ZING ZANG ZOOM™ and Barnum’s FUNundrumSM show venues!

“Precision and concentration are important if players want to make it to the Big Top in this new game,” said Daniel Raffo, a fifth-generation Ringling Bros. performer, who has presented tigers for over 25 years. “It doesn’t hurt to have courage either, especially when those felines get feisty.”

“While the big cats get your adrenaline rushing, you can only experience real exhilaration by soaring 50 feet above the arena floor,” added George Caceres, the youngest Ringling Bros. performer ever to catch a triple somersault. “To triumph on the trapeze in this game, you need grace and impeccable timing.”

“The trapeze does seem to require some skill,” said Dustin Portillo, Boss Clown with the infamous Ringling Bros. Clown Alley. “However, there is a true science to taking a cream pie to the face and you can master that playing Ringling Bros. and Barnum & BaileyTM for Wii.”

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Circus Friends Asian Elephants for Nintendo DS, gives pachyderm enthusiasts the ability to care for their very own Asian elephant. Gamers must ensure their playful pal eats well, stays clean and healthy, and gets daily exercise. Once the proper training program has been implemented, their circus friend can star and show off in The Greatest Show on Earth™!

Ringlig Bros. for Wii retails for $39.99 and Ringling Bros. for DS retails for $29.99.


Looking for ways to maximize your workout or find the time to make it to the gym? What if you could use resistance training methods to building muscle for a healthier you while you do your mundane, everyday tasks - introducing Banglz, the comfortable, stylish wrist and ankle weight bands you wear during the day with serious health and fitness benefits.

Banglz are comfy ½ pound weighted bands wrapped in different stylish interchangeable sleeves. Just strap them on to match your outfit, and head out the door. Banglz provides the perfect amount of weight resistance to maximize your daily activities - and with 1 pound ankle Banglz that fit comfortably under your pants, and you can get the full body workout simply by running to the mall. Want to maximize your workouts at the gym? No problem - simply strap on the 1 pound Banglz while you exercise for that extra push. By adding regular resistance training to your daily routine - such as wearing your Banglz while running errands, gardening, working, doing chores, or chasing the kids - you can help create muscle health that supports your overall strength, balance, bones, heart, metabolism, stress levels and more.

Created by busy women for busy women - Banglz allow every woman to strengthen, burn and energize her body from the inside out!

A set of 1lb banglz retails for $27.95

Jessie Steele Vintage Apron:

Jessie Steele's vintage-inspired hostess and kitchen aprons prove the true old adage that beauty and style are timeless. A perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

This vintage inspired apron is available at Unique-Vintage and retails for $30.00.

Meltology Self-Heating Skin Care:

Meltology (Mineral Energy Luxury Technology) offers self-heating spa mitts for hands, self-heating spa socks for feet, a self-heating facial mask, self-heating hypoallergenic hot stones, and the first heat-stimulated skin concentrate serum within its product line. The self-heating products are activated solely by the addition of water – not electricity – the first-ever of their kind available on the market.

Meltology offers beauty enthusiasts spa-quality skincare products that are simple enough to use at home, but effective enough to be offered in the world’s leading salons,” said Melissa Mao, Vice President of Product Design for Meltology, LLC. “We’ve combined the most innovative and sustainable ingredients, materials and research available to create the ultimate spa experience – and the effects our products have on the skin are noticeable in as little as ten minutes.

Self-Heating Spa Mitts: Helps to flout the appearance of aging hands with powerful self-heating spa mitts. Used in conjunction with the Meltology hand care products, the self-heating mitts help the skin absorb more deeply. Soyaffin™ serum drenches hands with long lasting moisture protection to lock in results for younger looking hands.

Self-Heating Spa Socks: Natural, moist heat helps your Meltology foot care products absorb deeper than ever, while Soyaffin™ Serum inside the liners leaves your feet feeling relaxed and pampered. Helps to soften the look of tired and battered feet due to high heels, exercise, and standing for prolonged periods of time.
(The mineral energy technology inside each spa mitt and sock heats instantly when warm water is added, and it keeps the sock warm for 30+ minutes. Each sanitary, single-use sock is self-contained and disposable, so there’s nothing to store or clean when the treatment is finished).

Self-Heating Hot Stone Massage Kit: Meltology’s breakthrough heat technology allows consumers to have the world’s premiere spa treatment at home with a system that’s so safe and simple to use, anyone can experience the warmth and healing powers of the earth. Traditional stone massage heats the rocks from the outside, using hot water, however Meltology’s artisan porcelain massage stones are filled with long lasting, natural mineral heat activators, to heat from within, allowing the stones to safely stay hot for up to an hour. Hot Stone Massage brings all the benefits of heat therapy to every area of the body. Heat also allows a massage to be more effective than with pressure alone, as heat releases knots and tension in the connective tissue around the muscles.

Meltology hand & foot treatments retail for $29.98 each for a 4 week supply and Self-Heating Stone Massage Kits retail for $39.98.

Spock Tree Topper:

Thrill your favorite Trekkie with this unique tree topper and put some out-of-this-world style into your holiday with this old-fashioned tree topper featuring your favorite Vulcan. Blue and gold translucent panels are illuminated from behind by 10 bulbs

The Spock Light Up Tree Topper retails for $40.00.

The Terrarium:

A Terrarium can evoke a sense of calm, just looking at the peacefulness that exists in that glass bubble can bring about fantasies of fairies and secret gardens.

This Terrarium can be found at Etsy and retails for $32.00.

Over $50

Cinda B Overnighter*:

Ready to “throw in the towel” with your stinky gym bag? Want to get more out of your purchase of a new one?

Let the cinda b Overnighter bag save your day and your wallet. A fun fresh look to the common quilted bag, the Overnighter is made of durable fabric but with a chic design to take you from work to the gym, off to dinner and home again.

What’s so great and different about the cinda b Overnighter (and all our bags) is that its machine washable and water resistant. So after a long week, your bag can be thrown in to the wash along with the laundry.

The Overnighter is offered in 11 colors/patterns, retails for $79.00 and is sold nationwide as well as online.... Functional, stylish and accommodating, this would be a great gift for any busy Mom!

Beaded Leaf Purse:

Each Mary Frances creation is individually handcrafted by skilled artesians who pay close attention to detail and quality. It's no surprise that her designs are regularly seen on the arms of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Terri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson to name a few. This is the perfect bag to help you stand out in the crowd.

This Mary Frances Pointsettia Dusty Rose Beaded Leaf Purse is available at Unique Vintage and retails for $184.00

Darth Vader USB Hub:

Your favorite nerd can visit the dark side every day with this animated Darth Vader USB hub.

His eyes light up red as he moves his head from side to side, and he performs his trademark heavy breathing when you plug him in, push button activate, or set at random intervals throughout the day. Plug a peripheral in and Vader activates to the sound of a light saber.

The Darth Vader USB Hub retails for $87.00.

* Indicates that the company was kind enough to send us a sample product for our review before inclusion in our guift guide. Receipt of a sample product was not mandatory for inclusion in our gift guide and in no way influenced our opinion of the products shown. If we received a product that we did not care for or did not think would make a great gift, we simply did not include it in the above guide. Please consider this as disclosure of receipt of samples in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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