Thursday, December 10, 2009

Six Positive Steps to Release Holiday Stress

How can we ever forget that wonderful scene in Network when Peter Finch had people hanging out of multi-story buildings – shouting at the top of their lungs, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.“

What Peter discovered was not only a way to vent his feelings, but also a way to release the enormous stress that can build within us especially during the holidays, when we haven’t finished our gift shopping, or don’t have the funds to purchase what we want, or when there are too many parties to attend and deadlines at work that are still looming. We don’t have to become maniacal, but we need to physically do something to move that negative energy out of our bodies.

In fact, a recent study showed that that 61% of the US population admitted to be stressed out because they feel that they don’t have enough money to deal with the holidays, while 42% are worried about gift giving, 34% are stressing over not having enough time to get things done, and an additional 23% are anxious about running up their credit card debt!

We’ve all witnessed what it’s like to go to a party and see the hosts gritting their teeth behind pasted can feel what’s happening even if it’s not spoken. Our energy transmits our true feelings – more than we know.

Let’s face it, not many people have extra money to spend on themselves during this time of year, and often turn to unhealthy alternatives like drinking more alcohol or over eating.

Marlise Karlin offers Six Positive Tips to release holiday stress:

  1. Express: Become aware of why you are stressed and speak about what’s not working – try pacing in your living room – until you’ve said everything you needed to say (Do this when you are alone – so you can really shout it out in a ‘I’m mad as hell” kind of way.) Keep pacing until you have nothing left to say. At this point, you will feel a shift in the stress.

  2. Wite: If you haven’t formulated what the upset is – or have a hard time expressing yourself, then get out a pen, or sit in front of your computer – and just begin writing. You will be amazed at what pours out.

  3. Reboot with The 3 Breath Awareness® – Take 3 DEEP breaths, each one focused on releasing any tension in your body – and focused on connecting to that tranquil place of Stillness within. Envision the silent power of a red rock mountain in Arizona, or the calming blue waters of the Adriatic Sea – and with each breath feel that infinite peace expanding. Take it with you as you continue your day.

  4. Get Going: Change locations – get a different perspective – move away from your desk, your home or your environment and feel the mind relaxing as you get involved in other activities. Take a walk, a drive, or even go shopping - holding the vision you are going to find the perfect gift at the perfect price. Enjoy the festive surroundings.

  5. Smile & Laugh: Sadly, sometimes we’re in such a rush or so distracted, we need to remind ourselves to smile and enjoy the holiday season. Heart to heart conversations with friends, or even complete strangers, can change our state of mind so quickly. Talk to the sales person, the woman waiting in line, the child trying to decide what they want, the young person trying on new clothes. Watch your worries fade away and a warm smile engulf your beautiful face.

  6. Gift Yourself: Buy one for yourself - you deserve a treat. You have added enjoyment to people’s lives today simply by smiling and spreading a bit of good cheer, heart to heart. At this time of year when so many people are depressed, you have gotten out of negativity and discovered tools to shift the stresses we live with daily. Even if it’s only something simple – reward yourself.

Marlise Karlin teaches people how to reboot their lives through The Simplicity of Stillness®, a simple method she created after having a series of profound experiences shift her perspective on life. The Practices have benefited thousands of people all over the world. To find out more about Marlise and the Stillness Sessions audio work, go to

And for fun… remind yourself how to express in the way Peter did...

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