Thursday, December 10, 2009

Super Baby Go! Mobile App for 0-2 year-olds

A Mobile App for Babies??? Yes, when I first read this I thought it was absolutely rediculous... but then I thought about the advantages it could have and decided that if I had a kiddo under two I would probably own this - if for no other reason than to keep said kiddo occupied when I had nothing else to entertain them, like in line at the grocery store or the doctors office waiting room. Read on to find out the details on Super Baby Go!...

For parents and kids alike, the mobile device has quickly become a primary entertainment screen both on the go and at home. To meet this demand, Zeebu Mobile is introducing Super Baby Go!, an educational mobile experience that parents can trust is safe.

At the grocery store, on an airplane, shopping for the holidays, or stuck in traffic, Super Baby Go! turns your BlackBerry® into an entertaining and educational tool for your 0-2 year old. A growing list of downloadable activities are available and deliver colorful
letters, cute animals, funny numbers in multiple languages to keep little ones engaged and entertained while giving parents and caregivers peace-of-mind.

Taking a device primarily associated with personal productivity, Zeebu Mobile has created an engaging, worry-free child friendly experience. Simply launch the Super Baby Go! select an activity and give it to your child. As they press keys, the screen reacts with relative audio and visuals. Select Letter Blocks, press “A” and a letter block image
of “A” appears followed by the sound of a voice saying the letter “A”. Super Baby Go! intercepts all email or phone calls so parents and caregivers don’t have to worry about accidental emails or phone calls.

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