Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Ultimate Body Shaper

Happy Weight Loss Wednesday Pink Lemonade Fans. Looking for a new workout for your New Year's Resolutions? Give The Ultimate Body Shaper, by Stephanie Vitorino a try. I first worked out "with" Stephanie via Exercise TV, where she is a featured trainer. I was thrilled to give this DVD a try.

More About Stephanie
Stephanie Vitorino is one of LA s hottest fitness trainers. She is a nationally certified fitness trainer with over 12 years of coaching experience in exercise physiology. With a positive approach to fitness she inspires her students to take control of their lives through a focused commitment toward better health. Known for her passion and intensity, Stephanie brings a spark of originality to her dynamic classes and Vbody fitness DVDs.

Product Description

Stephanie offers two complete 30 minute workouts on one DVD, plus full warm-up and cool-down options. The first workout is the V Body High Step Workout and is an incredible blend of aerobics/toning intervals for maximum benefit. The second segment is V Body Mat Workout, but don't let the name fool you -- you will not be leisurely resting on your mat for gentle pulses or other ballet/pilates type moves. Not here! Instead, Stephanie uses the mat for standing work, actively engaging the core in the ultimate balance challenge (balance with weight work). Cardio blasts are included in each workout for maximum fat-burning results.
I have reviewed quite a few fitness DVDs and many instructors tend to use the same moves. I like that Stephanie is creative in her approach to body movement. Anytime you can move your body in different ways, you will benefit by challenging your muscles. Thumbs up Stephanie!
Until next week, have a safe, happy and healthy week ahead.
-Coach Jenn
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Emma said...

Stephanie's workout DVDs are so great! You would probably also like the section on ExerciseTV's website ( called THE SKINNY! There's some really good, quick (and of course free) workout videos by Zen Gray.