Saturday, January 23, 2010

Go Red for Women and Jitterbug

February is Heart Awareness Month -- Have a Heart-to-Heart with Jitterbug!

This year, the American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women” movement isn’t just promoting heart health—it’s actually helping to put a heart health tool right in the hands of consumers through one of its national supporters, the Jitterbug J in Red phone and service (!

In addition to February 5th being National Wear Red Day, February is also recognized as Heart Awareness Month. With your support we can put heart health in the hands of your readers!

Jitterbug is the perfect partner with the American Heart Association to help us all improve our health, because:
  • The phone is pre-programmed to receive official AHA heart health tips via text message

  • A 2009 study by Johns Hopkins University found that when we receive reminders about our health, we’re more likely to implement changes!

  • The Jitterbug J and Jitterbug J in Red are designed to bring “simplicity to everyone”.

  • Other Jitterbug wellness services, like Jitterbug LiveNurse, help users with heart questions that go beyond nutrition and exercise.

The Jitterbug J in Red is a true “daily working heart partner” to help us all reach better health. What better way to reverse the statistic of heart disease being the leading cause of death for women in this country?

Here are a few examples of the heart health tips that are sent daily on the Jitterbug J in Red:

  • It is ok to say "no" to things that get in the way of healthy choices.

  • It shows you are making your health a priority.

  • Watch your weekends. Keep to your healthy eating and physical activity plans every day of the week.

  • Every time you wear red, make a healthy choice for eating or physical activity and think about your heart health.

  • Be a community advocate for heart health. Support your local heart walk and Go Red activities.

  • Support local restaurants who take steps to be healthy like going smoke-free and offering heart-healthy menu items.

Liz Here: Since my Father's untimely death due to a heart attack last summer, heart disease prevention has become a cause "near and dear to my heart". Because of, not only his heart disease, but the history of it in his father and all of his siblings - I have no choice but to be concerned for the health of my heart.

Did you know that more women die every year because of heart disease than breast cancer? - it's true, but most women don't know this. We all need to take care of our hearts to keep ourselves healthy and happy so we can enjoy our lives and not have them cut short before we or our families are ready for us to leave this earth.

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