Friday, January 22, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are from..... Vegas?

Professional poker player Bradley “Yukon” Booth – a spokesperson for online gaming website who is widely known for his stint on NBC’s hit show Poker after Dark – has recently made some noteworthy observations about women and the world of poker…..

Bradley stated the obvious in Bluff Magazine: there are many more men out there playing the game. But then he poses an intriguing question: does that mean that this male dominated arena is off limits to a female champion?

He argues that while the game is dominated by males, there are many reasons why women would actually give men a run for their money. He bases this statement on several observations made over the course of his decorated career, notably three distinct advantages that women possess:
  • Rational thinking – women can stay more calm in heated situations
  • Ego in check – women aren’t driven by ego to make irrational, “stupid” moves
  • Masters of body language – women, more in tune with their body language, can use this to their advantage to confuse and distract opponents

So ladies ask yourself this: the next time the boys claim it’s “Guy’s Night,” a time for poker and beer, why not raise the stakes and give the table a try? Bradley Yukon is willing to bet that you’ll have the upper hand in the game – and even predicts that women will come to dominate as poker becomes more mainstream.

Of course many males will argue against Bradley’s claims, but there you have it. Interesting food for thought...

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