Friday, January 22, 2010

A Watch That Balances Your Energy??

“Watch Your Chi”

Philip Stein just made the watch industry a little healthier with a very innovative brand of watches, “Philip Stein Teslar”, which could change the way people feel about time. It’s a luxury watch (retailing between $300 - $5,000) embedded with “Natural Frequency Technology” and “Electromagnetic Frequency Technology” which utilizes a metal disk, infused with key frequencies that are then exposed to the wearer. Wearers have reported better sleep, less stress and clearer focus, leading many scientists to believe the human body needs this frequency to reach optimal health.

Philip Stein has come a long way since the brand’s humble beginnings in Essen, Germany – in fact, Oprah Winfrey picked the watch as one of her "favorite things” this past holiday… The one she wears is from the classic Philip Stein “Teslar” which is the signature design – on the front, it has 2 faces and on the back are two Teslar chips. These chips emit a low-level electromagnetic signal 7 to 9 times per second, what physicists believe to be natural to the earth, your body is being exposed to a balancing frequency, informing the body to relax.

For more information on the technology, visit:

Philip Stein “Teslar” Collection - $400 - $4,500 Saks Fifth Avenue

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